Everything You Need To Know About Shaker Kitchens

Credit: DeVOL Kitchens

What are they?

Shaker Kitchens are a style of kitchen that have been around for quite a while now. Most of us will have heard about Shaker Kitchens and will have been aware of what exactly they are, but if you haven’t, don’t worry. Today we’re going to look at precisely what they are and why they might be the perfect style of kitchen for you.

So what are Shaker Kitchens? They are a style of Kitchen that was devised and had its origins from the late 1700s. They are a style of kitchen that focuses purely on an uncluttered approach to your kitchen and to ensure that every bit of the kitchen has a purpose. For example, shaker cabinets will typically consist of a square shaped frame and a profiled panel. This panel can then be split up into different sections.

Why should you opt for a Shaker Kitchen?

The main reason why Shaker Kitchens are so popular is that they can fit in perfectly to either a classically styled home or alternatively, a more modern and contemporary style. It is the perfect option for anybody no matter of their unique requirement. The uncluttered and stylish nature of Shaker Cabinets allows convenient access to any appliances you may need to get to in the kitchen or towards any seating areas.

As we’ve already touched upon the main reason and purpose behind shaker kitchen cabinets is purely about functionality and that everything’s there for a particular reason. The type of wood that shaker cabinets are typically made from are either cherry tree or maple, although it isn’t limited to these and if you think a different type of wood would suit your home there is no harm in opting for that.

The cost of having a whole shaker kitchen installed can range depending on your requirements. An excellent way to cut down on the costs is to look for shaker kitchen cabinets online where you can buy from wholesalers at a reduced price but without a reduction in quality. After all, if you manage to save yourself money, you can use these funds on different areas of your house.

Having a Shaker Kitchen can also add to the value of your home should it be going on the market any time soon as first and foremost when you have potential buyers coming round for viewings the room they will be paying the most attention to is the kitchen. This is the room where they’re going to be spending the most time, and in addition to this, a lot of people see a lot of value in functionality and a shaker kitchen complete with shaker cabinets ticks all the boxes for them.

Hopefully today you’ve learnt a lot about what shaker kitchens are should you not have known what they were before and hopefully next time it comes to renovating your kitchen or even remodelling it you might stop to consider opting for a shaker kitchen.