Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Waterjet Cutter


Waterjet cutters are handy machines, especially for machines shops which deal in cutting various materials such as stones and metal with laser-precision.

Nevertheless, there are numerous waterjet cutters in the market and finding the right machine for the job can be an uphill task. This is true, especially for those who don’t know where to start.

After going through this article, you’ll have enough tips to guide you through waterjet cutter purchase.

  • What Materials Will You Cut?

Harder materials need grit material added to the water stream to cut. Therefore, if you intend on cutting materials including aluminum plate, some types of stones and mild steel, then you may opt for barton mines waterjet cutting equipment loaded with a grit tank which is easier to unload, load and maintain.

On the other hand, if you intend on cutting softer material such as thin plastic or wood, then water is all you need. As such the grit tank’s efficiency and capacity aren’t a major factor. Besides, you can opt for low pressure and still achieve a clean cut which may not be the case in steel cutting.

  • The Waterjet Cutter’s Preciseness

You must consider the complexity of the waterjet cutter before choosing a preferred cutter. For example, how tight will the turns be? If you intend on dealing with complex cutting jobs, then you may want to go for a waterjet cutter which contains a fifth axis.

With this additional axis, you can make complex cuts without compromising on the quality. Moreover, with this extra axis, you’ll have an easier time preparing for welding and taper compensation.

In contrast, less complicated cuts will need a simple waterjet cutter which only specializes in basic cuts. Besides, it’ll be expensive and a waste of a complicated machine if you’ll only work on simple cuts.

  • Go for a Used Waterjet Cutter

Often, you can get a pre-owned waterjet cutter for a cheaper price compared to if you went for a brand-new machine. Besides, used machines can be reconditioned for much less to perform the same task as a new one would.

Buying used allows you to avoid paying more in interests if you decide to use a business loan to purchase the machine.

  • Inspect the Waterjet Cutter Before Buying

You may not have to inspect a new machine, but for a used waterjet cutter, inspection is vital. Some of the areas you may want to focus on include:

  • The Nozzle – Is it in perfect condition? That is free of dents, rusts and cracks? While it may be easy to replace this item, it’s important to know its condition before using the machine.
  • The Intensifier – Waterjet cutters come with an electric pump whose main function is to produce a pressurizes stream used in cutting hard materials. Focus on the seals in the pump to ascertain their condition.
  • The Electrical Cabinet – This includes the wires inside the cabinet. Make sure they are in good condition and not jumbled which may require manpower to sort.
  • The Control System – This is similar to a car’s dashboard. It contains an interface where the operator can view all functions. Check to make sure the interface and all the controls are in perfect condition.
  • Maintenance Log – All machines come with a maintenance log which the engineer will update every time he or she performs maintenance. For used machines, it’s important to get a hold of the maintenance log to check on the machine’s history.

Buying machines can be a daunting task but with this informative article, you have an edge the next time you intend on buying a waterjet cutter.