Fall interior design ideas


The fall season is rich in colors and offers dozens of possibilities for home decoration. Here is a wonderful collection of interior designs for the fall season.


Living room with autumn ambiance

To decorate your living room for the fall season, use several layers, as you do for your clothes during the fall. during this time of the year. To do this, choose pillows and braids that you can place on armchairs and sofas. Colors that are suitable for automotive interior design are shades of yellow, orange, red, brown, and beige, all the warm colors. To go further whit this decoration, you can use curtains and carpets in similar colors. Besides, you can add a composition with flowers of the season or a beautiful pot of fruits, put it on the coffee table, or a sofa in the living room.

Interior decoration idea: an example of mantel decoration

Do you have a fireplace in your living room? If you do, autumn is the period that allows you to highlight your fireplace and turn it into the main point in the room. To achieve this, you could decorate the mantle of the fireplace with small items in the color of the season. Plus, the decor of the fireplace will be in line with the accessory in your living room.

Interior idea for a chill atmosphere in the kitchen

The kitchen is a space of the house that relies perfectly on the decoration for fall. Since the dawn of time, this time of the year is associated with the fruits of the earth and rich production. To give your kitchen an autumn atmosphere, use season fruits to create impressive decoration. Apples, pears, grapes, pumpkins, and carrots. You can use all the fresh products of the season and turn them into decoration in the kitchen. It’s a simple and inexpensive choice.


Dining room with modern design with autumn theme

In the dining room or dining area in the kitchen, you can use some decorative elements that you used in the kitchen. A good way to do this is to use a dish that can fit on the table. A tablecloth or flowers will also be a nice idea for decorating the table in the dining room.

Bedroom interior design ideas

In autumn, the bedroom turns into a safe space where you can relax during rainy days. We can suggest blankets with vibrant colors and you can add as well small decorative items according to your liking. To complete the interior design in the bedroom you can add relaxing music, candles with soft light, and a book so you can feel the vibe of the fall.

Lobby with a taste of the fall

Because of the cold and windy days of this season, we often want to spend more time indoor and invite our friends to our home atmosphere. The lobby is the first thing our guests see on their arrival. To keep your friends and family warm, you can use season-inspired accessories. For example, vases with stripes or leaves of wood placed on a small console on a table at the entrance. It is a very simple and effective way to create an autumn-themed lobby.

Bathroom autumn decor

If you have decided to remodel your home for the fall, don’t forget to go all the way! Think of the small decor in autumn colors that can fit in the bathroom or the toilet. You can place a box in the bathroom and add a vase with a flower in the same color arrangements.