The best plant for your bathroom


When it comes to decorating your home, if you want to make it beautiful and lively, plants are unavoidable decor. In most cases, the living room is the place where we put our houseplants, but for many plants, the most suitable room is the bathroom. It provides ideal conditions for certain plant species, offers them humidity and often slightly higher temperatures. The plants will also freshen up the air in the bathroom. Find out which are the best plants to grow in your bathroom in the list below.



This is an ideal plant for cultivation since it does not require any special care. It can look beautiful in a hanging pot that you can hang it on the bathroom door.



This lovely flower can fit perfectly into the interior of your bathroom, and in addition, it’s adding the bathroom tenderness and elegance. It also acts as an air purifier.

Aloe vera


This plant is widely known for its healing properties and the beneficial effects on your skin. Aloe Vera is the perfect Nobel plan for your bathroom. With this, you are turning your bathroom into a spa place.


For many, the orchid is considered as the queen of the flowers. With its petals and colors, it adds style and elegance to your home. Although it’s considered as high maintenance plant, as long as you take care of this plant properly, the plant will grow successfully in the bathroom. Because of the humidity in the bathroom, it’s a perfect place for this plant to sustain and grow.

Lucky Bamboo


Happy bamboo is becoming an increasingly popular houseplant, with its shape and greenery, it’s beautiful and it brings harmony to the place. It is believed that it has positive effects on the emotions in the family. Your bathroom will be an ideal place for the bamboo because this plant doesn’t need much sunlight, to begin with. Its beautiful shape would be certainly an interesting decor for the bathroom or any other room of your house.


This plant, famous for loving moisture and growing beautifully in a humid climate, is perfect for your bathroom decor. This type of fern is often grown as a houseplant. It also thrives well in rooms with little natural light and much moisture. The amazing thing is that this plant doesn’t need much care or effort and it grows perfectly on its own.



Small and with beautiful leaves reminiscent of watermelon peel, this plant is a beautiful decoration for the sink or a shelf. This plant’s main use is as an ornament, as they are fleshy, succulent, colorful, and adaptable. A place with a lack of sunlight, like the bathroom, is the most suitable for this plant. It can survive in any humidity and it is relatively easy to grow. Peperomias are also loved for their greenery and are very good plants for beginners.