Feel like a celebrity with these home improvements


Have you spent more time at home this year than you expected to? Many of us will have scrolled away the hours looking enviously at celebrity properties on social media – especially if stuck isolating. While upgrading to a mansion might not be feasible right now, there are other ways to make your surroundings feel more lavish.

UK homeowners spent some £55 billion on renovations between March and August to make their properties more comfortable. If you fancy an upgrade too, try these ideas to help you feel like a celebrity.   


Create a walk-in wardrobe

A regular free-standing wardrobe and a few sets of drawers might do the job – but a walk-in wardrobe will make getting ready more special. Dressing rooms are a common sight in celebrity homes and aren’t as out of reach as you might think. 

All you need to install one in your home is either a spare room, extra space in your bedroom, or even an existing cupboard or closet area. Give your clothes and accessories the attention they deserve.

Put up vanity mirrors

A common prop for celebrity selfies, vanity mirrors are stylish and practical items typically placed above the bathroom sink. The name suggests they’re designed purely for ogling yourself – but vanity mirrors are essential for most everyday beauty and grooming routines. 

And if you want to take an indulgent photo of yourself afterwards, why not? Self-love is important in these challenging times, after all – and you’ll probably have great lighting for it too.  

Indulge in a bathtub

Most people will usually choose a shower over a bath for extra speed and practicality in the mornings. Having the option to soak in a bathtub on lazy weekends however will leave you feeling far more pampered. 

You’ll want to have plenty of room to stretch out, so the bigger the tub the better. Candles will only add to the serenity – just make sure you have somewhere to place a wine or cocktail glass nearby!

Create a home cinema

Your budget might not stretch to a full-blown cinema screen and rows of luxurious seats for your friends – but a scaled-back version can be pleasingly easy to achieve. 

Aim a basic projector at a large, blank portion of your wall, and position your existing speakers around the room for surround sound. Prepare a few of your favorite snacks and settle in for the night with the latest streaming hits. 

Will you try any of these improvements? It doesn’t have to cost the earth to feel like a celebrity in your own home.