Fun Ways to Have a Traditional Baby Shower While Having Adult Fun Too


When it comes to hosting a baby shower, you want to keep the mother-to-be in mind, right? Of course, she’s the one expecting a baby, therefore she and the baby should be the focus of the shower. Keeping her and the baby in mind includes all aspects ranging from colors to food… well if this mother-to-be was very non-traditional? You know, the mom-to-be who enjoys traditional aspects about baby showers but doesn’t want her baby shower to be completely traditional? What’s the best way to give her a baby shower that combines a little bit of tradition with a little bit of her non-traditional personality?

Well, you have to do just that. You have to come up with a baby shower that has traditional elements but still is a reflection of who she is, pregnant or not. The thing is, once she became pregnant, she somewhat lost her identity… she was at that point known as the pregnant lady but as she gets closer and closer to having the baby, she’s getting eager to get back to certain aspects of herself. You can give her the best of both worlds at her baby shower. Take a look at these fun ways to have a traditional baby shower while making it adult friendly as well.


Tip 1: Make the Baby Shower Co-Ed

Traditionally, baby showers were only for women but who actually made that THE rule for all baby showers? Baby showers actually don’t have to be just for women… if you’re throwing her a baby shower and want to switch things up by making it a co-ed shower, first talk to the mom-to-be about it and if she’s fine with it, then let the rest of the planning begin. 

Women may not realize it but soon-to-be dads want to celebrate the birth of their child just as much as the mother-to-be does, according to the Good Men Project, and especially if it’s their first child… he’s going to want to be there. The future dad will be able to invite his friends too so that he won’t have to be the only man there. It’s actually not as bad as some people make it out to be when really it’s the men who are sometimes the life of the party!

Tip 2: Keep the Decor Traditional and Fun

As mentioned earlier, we want to keep some of the traditional elements in the baby shower because if you don’t, it will just look like a regular gathering of friends. Decorate the location with baby colors, do some DIY projects to save on costs, and order those adorable cakes made of diapers… those are baby shower favorites and they’re really the only thing that can truly make a venue look like a baby shower. If you’re throwing a baby shower at her home or your home, put some balloons on the mailbox so people will know where to go. You don’t have to get outrageous with the decorations but you want to at least have it look like a baby shower is happening and not a wild party!

Tip 3: Switch Up the Food

At most baby showers, it’s common to have finger foods. You know, the chicken salad sandwiches, chips and dip, and the punch bowl filled with sherbert and ginger ale? Well, it’s a new year and perfectly fine to deviate from the food traditions of baby showers, especially if the baby shower is going to be co-ed.

You can still have cupcakes with adorable baby designs but instead of those cute finger foods, how about having a backyard cookout where the guys can hop on the grill and grill hamburgers, hot dogs, and ribs? Everybody loves those cookout foods… they’re classics! Now, the bride may not be able to eat the hot dogs but as the host of the shower, you can accommodate certain menu items just for her.

Not only should you switch up the menu items, but you should also switch up the beverage items. Your grandmother had a punch bowl full of sherbert and ginger ale at her baby shower. Now that the baby shower is co-ed, you can serve everyone cocktails and mocktails for the party too, to accommodate those who do drink and those who don’t drink (the mother-to-be).