Fur Rug As Part Of A Living Room Design

A fur rug as part of a living room design

A fur rug as part of your living room design is always a good idea especially during this time of the year, when the weather is getting colder. They are soft and have very nice texture and have the ability to transform your room into a more welcoming place. You can find fur rugs in many different designs and colors. If your living room has a natural lighting and brightness we suggest you to pick up a darker color for the rug. Or just choose a shade that suits the rest of the furniture.

There are also some disadvantages about having a fur rug and that is the tiny problem with cleanliness. Fur rugs can absorb dirt super easily because of the deep pile. But this problem can be resolved easily if cleaned in the right way. And now scroll down to see our photo collection of living room designs with fur rugs. Enjoy!

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