Gateway to Satisfaction: Tips for Choosing Kitchen Cabinets


Choosing a kitchen cabinet has never been an easy step upon selecting what’s best for your kitchen area. It is perhaps the most nerve-wracking and intimidating decisions you’ll ever make. Remodeling cabinets can be the most significant expense that will cost up to 40 percent for the overall budget. However, we could have a significant discount of kitchen cabinets upon purchasing if we could think economically upright.

The look of the kitchen cabinet has the biggest impact as it is the first thing you see in your kitchen area yet looks aren’t the whole story. There’s an element of what you-get-what-you-pay-for that’s because there are lots of techniques to be considered upon selecting the best kitchen cabinet that would be suited unto your budget and gain enough satisfaction for you. The following are some of the tips recommended:

What do you need to consider?

To become an informed buyer, you don’t need to become an interior designer nor a master maker of cabinets. All you need to do is to be familiar of the following:


Knowing every terminology when purchasing cabinets helps you to get acquaint easily to the kitchen designers and cabinet makers. This will help you to achieve your desired outcome of your kitchen area.

Stock, Custom/Semi-Custom

These words do not tackle the quality of the kitchen cabinets, but it matters on how they’re manufactured.

Stock. Are manufactured using standard measurement and styles. It is built off-site and is available in standard dimensions. It is referred to as the “bare bones” of the cabinets. Less expensive cabinets than custom cabinets, but they do not always fit the exact measurement of each kitchen.

RTA cabinets would also be considered stock cabinets. These cabinets come flat-packed ,and unassembled.

Custom. It is a storage cabinet that is made for the area where it will be specifically placed. This is manually made to fit the size of the walls and to reach the preferred height. It is useful in a multipurpose room and it can be created from different kinds of wood. Other materials like glass doors or tin are also part of the options.

Semi-custom. These are units that are previously crafted which offers lesser options than customized cabinets. Homeowners that will purchase should do their research in their choices of materials, in the dimensions, and finishes that that they want in their cabinets. This type of unit may be improved with the use of various hardware that will bring out the best outcome.

Construction and Quality


The quality of your cabinets lies heavily unto its construction. Homeowners should be wise to these critical features stated below as this will serve as an investment to a long lasting cabinets unit.

Materials – the gold-standard when it comes to kitchen cabinetry is solid wood, but other types of cabinet materials like metal, stainless steel, thermofoil, and melanin are also readily available especially for “discount kitchen cabinets“.

Door style – whether it’s traditional or modern, door style exists for every taste. Beading and raised panels are way more pricey and require a bit of effort to clean.

Door Mounting- for cabinet doors that need mounting, the most common is the overlay. The cabinet door lays over the case or the frame.

Finish- Decorative finishes are popular nowadays and several ones are available- crackle, glazing, distressing, and more. A dark-colored cabinet can hide dirt better than lighter ones.

Hardware- hardware has a significant impact on the aesthetics of your cabinet. You can either make it look more modern, traditional, and even country. Drawer pulls, and knobs are easy and way cheaper to change than cabinet doors and furnish.

Steps to Choose

Determine the budget. Cabinets have three categories namely: Stock, the semi-custom, custom. Each one of it has its range of prices. Stock cabinets are priced at around 70 USD per linear foot, Semi-custom range from 150 to 250 USD per linear foot and customized cabinets are normally priced at 500 USD and can even exceed that price per linear foot.

Pick a style. To decide whether framed or frameless. Cabinets with frames include a box and a frame. This is where the drawers and doors are attached. Frameless, on the other hand, is most of the time called the European-style. In this style, the face frame is eliminated; so the drawers and the doors are attached to the cabinet box.

Choose the features.  Adding some accessories to your kitchen cabinet can improve the function of the cabinet, but the cost will surely add up to 20 percent or even more. Installing a trash can that can be pulled out, including a charging station in the cabinet and appliances garages area worthwhile addition and it can be helpful too.

Ways to Buy

There’s no exact place where you can purchase your kitchen cabinets. You can purchase it anywhere it is available – big home centers, local cabinet makers, lumberyards, kitchen design firms and you may even purchase one online. Purchasing on the internet undoubtedly offers great convenience since you can make your choice on your most convenient time. However, buying online has a big difference between buying at a physical store. Therefore, it’s smart to learn the features and the benefits the cabinets can offer first to know if it is suited to your satisfaction.