How To Get The Scandi Look


If you’re hot on your interior trends you wouldn’t have missed that one trend in particular has been making a huge impact recently. The Scandinavian design is a gorgeous way of bringing a sense of calm and tranquility to your home thanks to its simplistic core features. While simple in design, it doesn’t appear stripped back thanks to the use of warm colours and textures, making it ideal for bedroom or lounges where you might want to create a soft atmosphere. One great way of achieving this look is with the use of a rug. The team at Rug Mountain are here to explain how you too can get that Scandi look by using rugs.


The Scandi look is all about the natural, and this includes light. Try using mirrors opposite windows so to bounce that gorgeous natural light and brighten up your whole room. Similarly, working with lighter colour rugs are a great way of livening up your floor which can often be overlooked in favour of other furniture pieces. A great way of adding to that calming feel is with the use of candles. These give your room a soft glow and warm light for that especially cosy feel.

Natural Materials

A big part of the Scandi look is the focus on the natural. As previously mentioned, light is a key factor but as well as this, wood is also as equally as important. Think exposed floorboards, timbers or posts to give a more authentic feel to the architecture. If you’re worried about  the look becoming too bare or exposed, use a shaggy rug on the floor to inject that comfort back in while still in keeping with the theme. Shaggy rugs are a great way of brining texture to a room too, something we will touch on later.


There is a distinctive colour palette for the Scandi look to give you that stunning finish. One rule to live by is minimalism. This doesn’t mean you have to whitewash your home entirely, although white is a good colour choice for bringing in that light and neutral tone. Any kind of muted and  or soft colour would be perfect. This includes creams, browns and greys with warm undertones of purple or blue. Using a number of different accessory pieces in a room allows you to work with these accent colours seamlessly. Try looking for a rug in these colours as this will act as a centre point to building the rest of the colour in your home.


Finally, the Scandi design relies heavily on the build up of texture within a room. The combination of all of the previous mentioned points will give you a nearly complete Scandi look and the finishing touch comes from texture. Try creating layers within a room. From photo frames, to potted plans and cushions to candles, these small features culminate together for that incredible look. As previously mentioned, a shaggy rug is a great choice for those looking at the Scandi look. It’s soft and fluffy texture gives you that comfort underfoot, but will work beautifully to create a sense of dimension to your floor and room. Alternatively, a sheepskin rug will achieve the same effect. Sheepskin rugs can even be draped across backs of sofas thanks to their smaller size, giving you that rustic country aesthetic.