Give Your Customers a Reason to Pick Your House – Here’s how


Florida has been one of the craziest states in the entire country. People are constantly moving in the city for better opportunities and employment options. Charles Cove is a great housing society in Davenport Florida that has been constructed to a large extent and people have started to move in.  

With a safe vibe and a suburban feeling, people have already started to look for homes for sale in Charles Cove. Do you have a property in Charles Cove that you are looking forward to sell? Because if you have, you can get some great prices due to the high demand. 


Surely you would just love to sell your house in a jiffy and take that profit to the bank. However, the process isn’t that simple. You need to go through a proper plan and prepare your home professionally so that the buyers get a feeling that this is what they have been looking for their whole life. 

How to prepare your house for sale? 

Here are a few professional tips that will help you get your house ready in no time. 

Make the House Neutral

Just remove everything that you put in the house. From photographs to tables and other furniture parts and artistic objects, just take everything with you and leave the place completely empty. Yes, even the wallpapers!

Removing objects that reflect your taste will allow your client to treat the house like a canvas and visualize how they would want their house to look. Even if you want to leave something back, just put them where they don’t impact the first impression of your clients. They need to see the space as their future house and you should offer them that opportunity. 

Get Rid of the Hoarded Items 

.People always gather an incredible number of objects over the years. Most of these things end up in the attic or the basement as you don’t need them too often. Reasons for holding on to objects include:

• Sentimental connection

• Plan to reuse or repair items in the future

• Willingness to move them on to others. 

However, with certain things, when you’re not using them for more than a year, you really don’t need them. Discard products in a helpful manner by contributing them to a church or non-profit organization. These products benefit people in need, but others and many of them can also be tax deductible. For items that are not approved, contact the town to see if they can be collected. Many cities plan this program once or twice per month.

Arrange the Storage Space

Potential buyers would like to know about the storage room and want to search the closets and cabinets. It is crucial to ensure that they are maintained properly, since it sends a bad message if the storage spaces are damaged and filled with things that you are probably looking to get rid of. 

When the buyer sees it ordered and maintained to an optimal level, it shows that you take care of your belongings and probably took good care of the house. Even for kitchen items, just arrange everything neatly, put labels on and stack everything neatly and dry. It should depict that this house is well taken care of by the owners.

Make the Repairs Where Needed

When you are living in a property, it is obvious that it might need some changes and fixes over time. You can actually enhance the overall profitability and reduce the time taken to sell by adjusting everything around the house. 

For example those cracked floors or the kitchen counters that you have been “meaning to” clean over the past few weeks should be done. Repair the doors, drawers and closets that jam while opening or closing them. 

Fix burnt-out bulbs and even recommend removing others that have been in use for a while. Stop the potential of getting a fuse while you are showing the house around to your potential buyers. It is   a minor event that can be quickly stopped if you’re conscious. You want the impression of the customer to be as good as possible.

Change the Paint Color to Neutral 

Paint makes a huge difference. While you might have liked the hot pink color for your personal bedroom, your potential buyer might like a lighter tone with a contemporary vibe. Just don’t give them a chance that will have to go with something of your liking. 

Get your house painted with neutral colors like white and off-white so that when the customers visit the house, they feel like they can run their minds free and get it furnished how they like. 

Remove the Things You Like

If you are looking forward to taking things from the house, just take them all. Don’t let them hang around for your buyers to see. No matter how much you love that painting in the living room, they simply might not like it in their idea of a dream house. If they like something, let them keep it as it will only add to your credibility as a seller. 

Clean the House Thoroughly 

You might want to hire a professional company to come over and clean the house for you before the buyers arrive. 

They will decontaminate every nook and cranny of the house leaving it clean, germ-free and ready to be sold! Here are a few things you might want to do: 

  • Spraying down with a pressure washer 
  • Cleaning the tubs, showers, sinks
  • Polishing the wooden cabinets 
  • Cleaning the mirrors
  • Dusting the surfaces 
  • Scrubbing kitchen counters
  • Getting rid of cobwebs 
  • Cleaning and decontaminating the bathroom 
  • Cleaning the fridge 
  • Getting some air in so musty stenches and odors like of garlic or fish go away
  • If you have pets, clean their litter boxes


If you are looking forward to selling your house, there are plenty of people who are looking for homes for sale in Charles Cove. 

Just make sure that your house acts as a complete package that wants to sell itself and you can only do this by keeping it extremely clean, removing anything excessive and unwanted and giving your buyers a completely blank canvas to paint a picture of their dream house on.