How Do I Deep Clean My Kitchen?


A kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. And nobody wants a cluttered, dusty and smoky kitchen at all. A clean and clear kitchen is expected while you are going to cook something. On the other hand, if your kitchen is dirty and cluttered, you may not cook there with your mental satisfaction.

Along with your bedroom, you must keep clean two other most important rooms, and they are your lovely kitchen and the bathroom. However, in this article, we are not going to tell you about how to clean your bathroom with a professional touch deep. Instead, we are here today to let you know how I deep clean my kitchen so that you can do it for yourself.

Cleaning of your kitchen does not keep your kitchen tidy only. It also helps your most useful kitchen products last longer and shiny. Cleaning of a kitchen is not rocket science anyway. All you need is to make a plan to start and then make a checklist also.

Before starting the deep cleaning process, I like to keep items away from the kitchen that does not belong to it. If there is any item on the counter, I put them in the cupboard before the start. It helps me speed up the cleaning process.

  • I like to start the cleaning from the top of the room (ceiling) and corner of the walls down to the floor. I think this is the most rapid ways to clean the kitchen.
  • I put together the dirtiest items first and then clean them. It does not let them mess up at the end.
  • I tend to stay inside the kitchen during the cleaning process. Otherwise, I may spread the dirt to other rooms as well.
  • I like to start cleaning my kitchen from one side to the other. It helps to speed up the cleaning.

Now it’s time to gather my cleaning supplies so that I can start my cleaning of the kitchen. I mostly use polishing cloths, microfiber cloths, brush, water or vinegar and so on.

Don’t get overwhelmed as I am going to share everything as a checklist below:

  • microfiber cleaning cloths
  • spray with 50/50 water and vinegar
  • polishing cloths
  • toothbrush
  • soap
  • detergent
  • vacuum
  • steam cleaner

After arranging everything I need for the deep cleaning of my kitchen, I wear protective clothing for my security. I clean light fixtures (bulbs) and ceiling fans with the water-vinegar spray and then go for the rest.


I clean my appliances including microwave, toaster, blender and other with the water-vinegar spray and then wipe them out with the microfiber cloths. I also use boiled lemon juice if they emit any bad odor in the kitchen. In the same way, bad smells do not come out from other appliances too. When I clean my refrigerator, I not only clean it but look closely at its back and under if there is dirt. And if they are found, I clean them well with the duster or vacuum them.

Tops of cabinets

I clean the cabinets using my handheld vacuum or simply use a duster to remove the dust on the tops. After that, I use spray on the tops and allow a few minutes and then wipe out with the duster or cloths to make it clean and shiny. Sometimes, all cabinets do not reach to the ceiling, and so they need to clean their tops.

Surface cleaning

Cupboard doors, knobs, walls, faucets, light switches and so forth should be clean. I do the cleaning of the surface with the spray and microfiber cloth so that they look clean, clear and shiny.


I dust the blinds and use the spray to remove splatters from the windows. I preferably clean my kitchen’s windows on sunny days as they get dry soon. I wipe out the window first and then spray and then wipe out again with the microfiber so that they look clean and shiny.

Cleaning the sink

It is also important to clean the sink as it is one of the parts of deep cleaning I think. I use a toothbrush after spraying the water-vinegar spray on it. I clean the drain, garbage disposal with the toothbrush as they are cleaner. After that, I use polish on them so that they can look shiny and bright.

Floor Cleaning

At last, it comes to clean the floor of the kitchen. At first, I sweep the floor well or use a vacuum to clean the floor. Then I normally find out the spots on it and clean with water or mop it according to its need. And finally, I wash the rugs covering the floor and place it over the kitchen again.