How Much is Motorcycle Insurance in Canada


Motorcycles can sometimes be quite expensive, and even if they are not, we still want to protect them. Some people get them for convenience, and some are simply passionate about motorcycles. Whichever group you belong to, remember that you need to get good insurance for your vehicle!

Canadians truly enjoy riding their motorcycles as soon as the snow is gone. For this reason, we are going to focus on providing you with sufficient information about motorcycle insurance in Toronto, Canada. We are going to mention some very relevant and useful guidance, so make sure to stick around.

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Why is Motorcycle Insurance Important?

There are numerous reasons why you should get motorcycle insurance. We are going to list and elaborate on some of these:

  • Mandatory insurance laws 

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, getting motorcycle insurance is mandatory. Each province and city have their own laws about the minimum coverage you need to get.

There is always going to be a required premium that you need to get. These usually include third-party liability, which means that you have to cover the damage if you were at fault in an accident.

  • Property Safety 

Motorcycles generally get into several accidents, which is why you need to get an insurance premium that will repair or replace your vehicle if this happens.

Furthermore, these are vehicles prone to being stolen. It is of high importance to ensure that you will not lose tons of money simply because you did not get proper insurance!

  • Personal Safety 

There are types of coverage that will cover your medical bills if you by any chance get into an accident. It also might cover the bills of another person that you may have injured.

Of course, this depends on whether the insurance company covers an at-fault accident or simply an accident caused by another person. Either way, stay safe on the road and do not put yourself and others at risk.

What about the Price?

The price for your insurance premium is never fixed, but it generally depends on several factors. Insurance rates for motorcycles tend to be very high because plenty of accidents are caused by these vehicles. Generally, the annual premium ranges from $1000 to $2500 but this range is subject to variations.

We are going to list a couple of factors that the insurance companies consider when setting your rates:

  • The type of motorcycle 

Depending on the brand and the speed, the insurance company can raise or lower the price. If you buy a fast bike, it is logical that you are going to drive faster, which means that you are more likely to get into an accident.

For this reason, your insurance rates on a fast bike might be a lot higher than those for a regular bike used to get from point A to point B safely.

  • The coverage

Insurance companies offer different types of coverage for you to choose from. Of course, you have to get the minimum coverage determined by the law.

However, you can modify this and add some other types you might need. For example, you can get collision coverage or accident forgiveness, which are usually not mandatory.

  • Driving history

As with any other auto insurance, your driving history is very important with motorcycles as well. You will have to show proof to the insurance company that you are a good driver without at-fault accidents from the past.

This will significantly affect your insurance rates because the companies are not willing to risk trusting the drivers who have had a bad experience. However, if your record is good, the companies are willing to lower the rates.

  • Other Passengers 

Some insurance companies are going to lower your insurance rates if you promise not to take on other passengers with you. Still, be careful with this one, because if you lie and they find out, they can easily drop you as a client.

  • Age

The thumb rule for this one is that the younger the driver, the higher the premium will be. This is because the youth is considered to drive the motorcycle more recklessly as opposed to the more mature, older generation. 

Motorcycle Insurance Without a License

Some people want to own a motorcycle without possessing a license for reasons only they can justify. We have mentioned earlier that owning a motorcycle means that you need to have minimal insurance on it. Despite not having a license, if you can own a motorcycle, you can also insure it.

However, keep in mind that it is illegal to drive it in Canada without a driver’s permit. Some companies may require a license number, but there are cases when this is not necessary. Make sure to check the details before deciding to get a bike if you do not have a license.

How Can I Find Quotes?

Since there are truly numerous options when it comes to insurance companies in Toronto, the entire process can be confusing for the customers. When there is too much information, there is too much to deal with as well. 

If you want to save some time and money, the best option for you is to get an insurance specialist to help you with any questions you may have. 

They will consider your circumstances, connect you with an advisor, and provide you with different quotes that you can compare. The insurance specialists will also have certain discounts to offer you. You do not have to wander around looking to reduce the price. Hire an assistant and get it over with.

They will make sure that you make an informed decision. You will have nothing to worry about, and this stressful process will become incredibly simple!


We can conclude that the rates are never set on motorcycle insurance. Several aspects need to be considered. However, you can make things easier by hiring an insurance specialist to help you compare rates.