17 Miniature Stone Houses To Beautify your Garden


A garden or backyard can be decorated in so many versatile ways. You can choose to add versatile planters, you can make some mini fairy gardens, or you can even built some miniature stone houses. Such houses have become quite popular recently, so you may consider adding some to your garden too. And since we are always here for you to give you the best garden decoration ideas, today we would like to show you how you can build miniature stone houses to beautify your garden.

Such houses can be perfect decor for you backyard and you can make them in so many different ways. Making such houses won’t cost you much since the main material will be some river stones or some pebbles. Other materials that you can use for these houses are pieces of wood as well as some adhesives but they won’t cost you much. And yes, there are no certain rules of how these stone houses should look like. You just need to be creative and you can create any type of house you want. Below, we have chosen versatile miniature stone houses that you can get inspired of how to make some to beautify your garden. Check them out and let us know which one did you like the best. Enjoy!

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Miniature Stone Houses

small fairy house
Photo via: enchantedcottages.co.uk
miniature cottages
Photo via: enchantedcottages.co.uk
stone houses
Photo via: stoneworkbystephens.com
fairy garden
Photo via: plowhearth.com
Photo via: sweetwaterstyle.blogspot.com
Photo via: upcycleart.info
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beach peeble stacked stone fairy house
Photo via: trilbyworks.com
Photo via: trilbyworks.com
a fairy tower
Photo via: enchantedcottages.co.uk
stone house
Photo via: thewhoot.com.au

Besides stones, pebbles and pieces of wood, you can also use some pennies to built such tiny houses. Pennies can be easily glued and they can be used for making the roof of these fairy houses. The houses can either serve as beautiful garden decor or can be real bird houses. Such bird houses can be hanged on trees.

Photo via: homesthetics.net
Photo via: inspirebohemia.com
miniature stoneweorks
Photo via: stoneartblog.blogspot.com
Photo via: thefairygarden.ca
Photo via: diyprojects.ideas2live4.com
Photo via: empressofdirt.net

So, would you like to make some miniature stone houses and thus beautify your garden? If you would then which one from the above ideas would you like to copy. Tell us in the comments and of course don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other wonderful ideas of how to decorate the garden.