How to Clean Plexiglass Furniture and Tabletops Naturally!


Glass has become a popular building and architectural material for both housing and commercial usage. The reasons are lighting, atmospheric touches, variety in textures, and visual artistic applications. For many years glass materials have been focused point of builders and designers as a standard material for windows and commercial malls. Though, this domicile of pure glass has been replaced by plastic glass now.

Acrylic sheets are also called plexiglass or acrylic glass sheets. It has been around for decades and is a much stronger and safer alternative building material than glass and other plastics. The most shared types of glass material used in commercial buildings are flat glass, insulated glass, plexiglass, laminated glass, and wire mesh glass. 

Plexiglass is plastic materials used as a substitute for the glass. Best plexiglass sheets are durable and will look so stylish at the same time. If you are after the transparency of glass and want to bring a modern vibe in your home, then this is your top pick.  From making tabletops to glass doors plexiglass is to replace actual glass due to its immense and wide advantages.  

Cleaning and maintaining plastic glass is not easy as they are more likely to get damages and scratches from little things around them. Before considering the cleaning of the plexiglass sheets one must be aware of these general tips first. 

General care and maintenance

  •   As they are synthetic materials and made of plastics, therefore, they get easily scratched. Avoid placing sharp things and abrasive objects on them. 
  •   Protect the tabletop and avoid placing hot and damaging things on them. 
  •   Ensure that heat sources and direct sunlight are away from your plastic tables and tableware. Save them from direct intense light sources.
  •   Keep them away from harsh chemical substances that may harm them.
  •   Avoid using macro fiber rugs that will leave behind their smudges and particles on sheets also avoid using direct cleaners’ splashes that will leave surfaces dull in no time. 

Hacks to clean plexiglass

Cleaning and maintaining glass especially plexiglass is not an easy task. There are a few methods that have proven to be safe.

Microfiber rugs

Use proper cleaning material. Hard piece of clothes or macro filament clothes can do damages than cleaning the surface. When choosing a cloth for cleaning, always go for the microfibers ones. But always make sure they are clean enough because particles trapped into the fibers can scratch the surface. 

Use water and rag to clean the dust particles from the plexiglass surface, then leave it to dry. Do not put stress over the surface while cleaning it.

Plastic cleaner

Avoid using harsh and intensive materials for cleaning the glass surface. They can damage the substratum and will prove harmful. Many specialized glass cleaners do not work for plexiglass materials. So, avoid using them. Use special plastic cleaners to clean these surfaces. Otherwise, they will leave your articles and tabletops roughed and coarse.

Polishing kits

To clean the plastics and resins many special polishing kits are available in the market. Just find the one who matches your type of glass and you can easily start it to use for your glass. Glass wares and plexiglass sheets are vulnerable to harsh materials; therefore, use just those ingredients which are recommended by the distributor when you buy glass online

These polishing kits allow you to clean your old worn out and deteriorated plastic glass. You can easily polish your glass tabletops by adopting a DIY approach at home. 


One of the very best and handy methods to clean the glass surface is blow-dry. First, wipe the surface using a small piece of cloth then blow dry it. It will erase all the dust on the surface. Use face masks to avoid inhaling the dust. Clean the surface thoroughly and then spray some polishing material over it. These few simple steps will keep your plastic glass sheets alive for years.

Car wax

Car waxes are used to make your car surfaces polished and revamped. Plastic glass surfaces and substances are similar in nature, therefore, they can be cleaned with the help of car wax. Another great feature of car wax is that it is not hash and intensive. Therefore it does not affect the nature of plexiglass but makes it more sleek and clean in no time. Even the minor scratches from the surface will be washed out using wax.

What to avoid while cleaning the plastic glass


While cleaning the glass material at home you can do some common mistakes highlighted below. Try avoiding these things for the longevity of your plexiglass articles. 


Ammonia is a common cleaning chemical that can be found in many glass cleaners. Always avoid using Ammonia containing chemical compositions when cleaning. Ammonia damages the surface badly when used 2-3 times. Ammonia is not safe for health too so avoid using it on your tabletops too. Ammonia also leaves pungent smell after washing the surfaces. 


Avoid placing sharp-edged things on plexiglass surfaces. Abrasive damages can cause deep scratches and will affect the durability of your sheets.  Coarse under surfaces will leave tiny lines when places over delicate surfaces, therefore, avoid directly placing them onto. Instead, use tableware and rugs to place them over the glass surface. 

Avoid untested cleaners

Always go for the patch test first. Have a very small piece of plexiglass surface and apply your selected glass cleaner or polishing kit over it. Observe the results if no damage or scratch happens then you are safe to use it. Otherwise, you are going to damage your surface with that cleaner and continuous use of it will leave permanent scratches on the surface.