How to Clean Wood-Look Tiles to Maintain Pristine Condition?


Wood-look tile is an epic luxury to have these days. The feel of countryside and nature with the low requirement of cleaning and polishing makes it even more friendly. The porcelain wood-look tiles make any home inviting and aesthetic to anyone. You can even install them on the bathroom, laundry area and the outside porch; it is that durable. Though it requires little to no maintenance, you need to do some weekly cleaning to maintain its pristine beauty and condition.

Vacuum up the tiles and grout

One of the best features of porcelain wood-look tiles is their durability. They can handle up to any chemical spill to occasional drop. A simple wipe with a fibre cloth can remove any stain that is made occasionally. But you can vacuum your porcelain tile floor twice a week. It will remove the excess dirt around the grout area. And for the walls of the kitchen and bathrooms, you can use wall cleaning products available in the market. Apply some on the wall and wipe it with a cloth or sponge; you are good to go.

Rubber Broom those pet hair

We all love our furry friends. The comfort and mental support they provide is sometimes even more than a human can. Porcelain tile’s durability stands out well against your furry friend’s scratches. But they do shed hair, which sometimes cannot be taken off by vacuuming. And the latest power vacuums make it more tiresome as they spread more of the hair than cleaning them. So it is wise to use a rubber broom before vacuuming the area. It will leave you with less pet hair to deal with later on in the cleaning process.

Damp-mop the tiles weekly

As vacuuming and brooming remove the excess dirt, the liquid spills and stain marks can be removed by mopping the porcelain tiles. With a liquid tile cleaner and a damp mop, you can do this task yourself once a week. You can use these products to clean the porcelain walls of your kitchen and bathroom as well – whether wood-look or not. Any pH balanced cleaner will do. Mix the solution with water and wring out any excess off the mop. Or it might leave the stain mark of the liquid solution. If you vacuum and broom your tiles often, the chances are that you will need less dump cleaning.