How to Fix Leaks on Metal Roof Flashing?


The metal roof is quite vulnerable to moisture and other external elements which can cause to develop leaks. Moreover, a flashing is the most critical part of your metal roof which must be kept maintained and cleaned to avoid the chances of leaks and other roofing issues.


Here are a few tips mentioned to help you deal with the leaks on your metal roof flashing.

  • Inspect

First of all, you need to get your metal roof inspected to assess the damage caused by the leaks. It is also important to detect the root causes to be able to provide your metal roof with permanent solutions. You can visually inspect your roof yourself by climbing on a ladder and using a pair of binoculars.

However, you need to take the necessary precautions by picking a stable ladder and wearing gloves and face masks to ensure your safety. But if the leaks are critically hidden, you might have to call any of the renowned professional roofing contractors in Macomb County Michigan for your help.  

  • Fix Edges

One of the most common reasons for the leaks is the bent edges of the flashing. It can happen due to heavy winds or storms which need to be fixed instantly. Once you have cleaned the surface of your roof, you would be able to see the edges more clearly.

Then, you can add the roofing tar on the edge and bend it back towards the surface. You must use the nails properly to keep the section at its place. The use of caulk is also important to apply at the edge to keep the water at the safe zone.

  • Remove Flashing

You would have to remove the flashing from the shingles to be able to replace it properly. You can use a prybar to pull apart the edges of flashing carefully to make sure that it doesn’t damage the shingles. After removing the nails and flashing, you must also scratch the excess caulking and tar.

  • Cut Flashing

You must cut the new flashing properly to fit it in the area to repair the leaks. There must not be any error in the measurements you take. It is also advised to cut 3 to 4 inches extra to cover the area of the flashing which covers the shingles.

  • Install New Flashing

After cutting the flashing in the required size, you can spread the tar on the surface of the metal roof evenly. You can then lay the new flashing on the tar and press it gently. You must also place nails on the flashing carefully to make sure that it adheres to the edges and the center.

  • Apply Sealant

It is important to apply the sealant on the metal flashing to keep the flow of water controlled. It would also help cover the holes and edges. However, the amount of sealant or caulk you use must be reasonable to make sure that there are no gaps in the material.