Getting Shiny Hair in as Little as 5 Minutes: A How-To Guide for Perfect Shiny Hair


To get perfect shiny hair, you could eat right, exercise daily, limit exposure to carcinogens, not blow dry your hair…yatta yatta yatta. Now, you could do all that (and props to you if you do!), but for some of us (or most of us), we simply just don’t have enough time, energy, or patience for all that. So we’ve come up with a quick 4 step regime that will leave your kinky curly hair looking fantastically shiny! However, if you’re totally into being completely organic and natural or whatever, this isn’t for you. This is the quick and easy way to shiny hair. It may not be organic, but it sure does work well!  

Step 1: Just apply a ton of dye to your hair!

Ready to get your hands dirty? Select a deposit only, a semi-permanent dye that is glossy. Apply it to your hair and follow the instructions listed on the product label.

So why apply glossy dye? For one, it won’t damage your hair and can be washed out. It also makes your hair silky smooth by coating the individual strands of your hair in a plastic-like coating. This gives the appearance of a healthy head of hair without the hassle of, you know, actually being healthy. I don’t know about you, but that fits into my schedule a lot better than eating healthy. But that’s just me! You do you, boo.

Step 2: Don’t forget to clarify!

Always avoid over washing your hair. Over washing is a great way to make your hair look dull…and trust me…you don’t want that.  

However, it’s important to stay clean, so when you wash your hair (about once a week do it), be purposeful about it. Make sure you clarify!

Clarifying your hair gets rid of all the oil and other gunk that builds up in your hair. When you get rid of it, your hair appears to have more luster. The mild acid in the clarifying shampoo you’ll use eats away at the gunk builds up. It is important to note, however, that if you have recently dyed your hair, don’t use a clarifying shampoo as it will drain the color (believe me, that’s the LAST thing you want).

Step 3: Step up your product game!

If you’ve really been reading this, you can tell that I really like quick fixes and easy solutions. So much so that I consider products to be my best friend. Okay, maybe not my best friend but definitely top 3.

If you opt to towel dry your hair, you should apply a little hair serum. There are a ton available that cater to a lot of different hair types and textures. You’ll have to shop around to find out which one is best for you. But that’s part of the fun! Don’t you just love picking out hair care products? That can’t be just me!

Step 4: Spray some more product on your hair!

Didn’t I say I love hair products? Well, it’s time to apply some more! Except for this time it’s in spray form. I really, really, really like shine spray. It’s so amazing because you don’t even need to wash your hair before you use it. In fact, your hair doesn’t even need to be combed. Simply spray it on and voila! Shinier hair instantly. Just don’t over apply it (yes, it’s possible) to avoid having a greasy look. If you use a shine spray that’s in mist form, it’s quite difficult to overdo it, which is why I normally go with that kind.   

By following this quick and easy four-step solution, you’ll have perfectly shiny hair in about 5 minutes! No more waiting for your healthy lifestyle to finally start showing results; you just have to put some stuff on your hair! That’s what I call hair care in the 21st century! But for real, if you want to go the healthy route, you do you, boo. I’m rooting for you, too!