How to Prepare for Long-Term Travel?


If you are feeling the typical pull of desire to travel, it is possible that it is the right time to plan for long-term trip. Two most common options to explore are- experiencing Asia’s scrumptious cuisines and culture or backpacking for exotic Europe’s long trip. Before you plan for a long trip and experience life across the border, there are a few things to keep in mind. This will prepare you to get most out of your long trip.


Plan Ahead


Planning early is the key to successful and happy journey.  If you have a long-term travel plan works on your itinerary minutely. Make sure you know when you are leaving, how long will you stay there and when you will return. It is a good idea to come up with list of places you want to visit and calculate the time you’ll spend at each place while you’re in a foreign land. Always remember that it’s often cheaper to travel locally but make sure not to rule out other “must see” places just because it might require a weekend or are expensive.



It is important to consider both your home life and away life. The most significant one being where to stay in a foreign land? What are the things you need to carry and when you choose to go out what are you going to do with those things? There are lot many things to plan for if you are going out on a long trip. Basically, you need to put on lots of thoughts and planning before fixing anything final.

Research on web on where to stay and the best deals on offer for tourists. Book your serviced apartments west london, hotel or rental unit prior to your visit to your destination. You can live like a local in a rented serviced apartment in cities like Paris, New York and London. These apartments are less expensive as compared to hotels. Figure out the costs and make an estimate budget to know what will be the major expenses on your trip. Also, you can talk to fellow travellers, who can surely give some important insights and tips on how to save a few dollars.



When it comes to long term vacation, making sure your passport is up-to-date is not enough but depending upon which country you are travelling to, there may be different visa requirements. Do your research thoroughly and know all the details. Know how long you can stay in a country with a traveller’s Visa as different country has different Visa policies.



When travelling abroad, vaccinations are another significant thing to keep in mind. Since particular areas or countries may have a higher risk for certain diseases, hence you should be immunized well before leaving. Google search to learn about your destination’s risks. You must make sure your hepatitis A, hepatitis B, yellow fever, typhoid vaccinations are up-to-date before travelling to another country.



Seek your doctor’s advice before leaving, if you have any prescriptions that you take regularly and discus your travel plans with them. Carry all your medicines and figure out a way to get the medication while at your destination in case you fall short of them during your excursion. In case  you misplace them or decide to extend your tour, always have a backup plan.



Ensure you have access to your savings while you away from home. Carrying a credit card can be great help for both security and travelling purposes. If you want to exchange currency, the best strategy is to go as far away from tourist spots to exchange money. Also, ATM’s are good choice for withdrawing funds if your bank has partner banks abroad.

Travel Insurance


Sometimes it’s better to prepare for the worst even though we always hope for the best. Going for travel insurance is a good move as it covers various risks and circumstances that otherwise could incur a huge amount. By opting for travel insurance, you can enjoy your vacations freely without the fear of losing money in any of the emergencies.

Pack Light


Choosing the right luggage and packing only the important stuff is actually a big deal than you would think. If you have plans to travel around a lot, light luggage will be easy to carry. Also, international Airlines charge some extra amount if your bag is too heavy. So it is better not to over-do it. If you have a main base from where you will make your travel plans and go for small trips a small backpack or large tote are a good to carry.  No matter where you go, make sure to pack some important items like a first aid kit, sunscreen, sunglasses and a small flashlight.

If you’ll keep all these criteria in mind, on the final day of your departure, you’ll be ready to set off on your long-term trip without any worries.

About the Author-

Being an ardent traveller, I like to explore to new place and share my experiences. Here is a small account about how to prepare for long term travel. While my visit to this popular and affluent neighbourhood I had an amazing time staying in a serviced apartment just like a local. I am currently working for one of the leading serviced apartments named It holds expertise in offering world-class accommodation option to business travellers.