How To Prevent Diaper leakage at Night


Anyone would love to sleep peacefully and without any kind of disturbance. Either he’s your infant, toddler or even if it’s you. Being parents is a very huge responsibility that you have to fulfill without showing any negligence. Every mother has to face some difficult situations with a newborn baby. Especially she would be very much concerned about her baby’s night sleep. A disturbed sleep of any person no matter if he’s a toddler or a younger person makes him stay irritated throughout the whole next day. So, a mother should be attentive and vigilant towards her toddler’s night sleep so that both of you can have a wonderful day ahead.  

The major reasons that make babies stay irritated or make them awake at night are being hungry or being uncomfortably wet. A mother should definitely make sure that her toddler is not hungry before going to bed or else he would not sleep and won’t allow to sleep you either. Another fundamental thing of which a mother should take care of her toddler’s diaper leakage at night. Night diaper leakages usually tend to make your toddler annoyed, uncomfortable and displeased. Some of the best overnight diapers include Huggies Overnites, BumGenius free time, and Pampers baby dry, etc. (Try to consider them when you are making a choice). Follow some of these amazing tips given below to prevent night leakages,  

Don’t use Daytime Diapers:  

Daytime diapers are not usually much absorbent in nature. During the night time, you should have much better and more absorptive thing to hold the leakages of your baby more effectively so you would be able to provide him with a relaxed and contented sleep at night.  

Important things to look in a Diaper:

The most significant things that one should look in a diaper before buying it are:

  • Its absorbance percentage and its durability and longevity.
  • Making sure that the size of the diaper you are going to buy fits perfectly to your kid. Which means that it should neither be very tight nor loose.
  • Record the reactions of your toddler after using the diaper for about 2 to 3 times. Make sure that he feels comfortable in the diaper and not irritated.
  • If you have a tight budget, then make sure that the diaper you are going to buy is not very costly because changing your brand, again and again, would make your baby frustrated for sure.
  • As the babies are very sensitive to chemicals and don’t possess a great ability to fight against germs, that’s why you should check the manufacturing of the diaper. It should not contain any kind of chemicals in it.

Change the diaper right before he goes to bed:

Make sure to change your toddler’s diaper right before he’s going to bed to decrease the chances of leakage during the night.

Milk or Water before bed:

Try not to give him milk or water just before going to bed. Make him drink at least before 1 to 2 hours before bedtime. If he’s thirsty before bed and asks for water or milk than it would be better to provide him with few sips except a whole glass or bottle.


A comfortable and a good night’s sleep is very important for the health of your baby. So make sure to follow all these tips for making your baby as much comfortable at night.