How to Purchase the Right Furniture for Seniors


Thinking of buying your grandparents a brand new couch? Furniture makes a great Christmas gift since it shows how thoughtful you are. It also makes a unique gift, especially if you put some thought and consideration into it.

But before you head out to the furniture store, you should keep some of these factors in mind when shopping for furniture for seniors. It’s important to purchase furniture that’s comfortable and functional as well as visually pleasing. You should also get a second opinion before you purchase it.

Appropriate Colors

Choosing the appropriate colors for your furniture can be a challenge. Don’t choose colors that blend in with the rest of the room. You also don’t want to choose colors that will blend in with the color of the flooring or the walls. Choose a shade that’s pleasing on the eye and provides enough contrast for those with poor vision or failing eyesight. A hue that’s pleasing on the eyes, such as mint green or turquoise, can create a relaxing environment in the home.

Easy to Clean

The next important step is to find furniture that’s easy to clean. Accidents can be expected with elderly people. Cleaning is more of a chore for those who suffer from back pain and arthritis. When buying furniture, purchase one that has upholstery that’s easier to clean. You can also get removable plastic covers that can be wiped up after an accident. Buying a mini vacuum cleaner for your loved ones can help them clean some of these accidents themselves.

Adequate Support

You want to make sure that the furniture you purchase provides enough support. Choose furniture that your loved ones can hold on to for support when getting up or sitting down. If you purchase a rocking chair, they might forget to sit back down slowly and fall over due to the lack of support. Buying the Perfect Sleep Chair with back support is so important because seniors like to sit back and relax with ease. 

Firmness Considerations

As stated before, comfort is extremely important. You may think you found the most comfortable couch ever, but is it beneficial to your loved ones? Remember that you’re buying furniture for your grandparents. Firm furniture will benefit them better than soft furniture. Due to their age and mobility issues, getting up is a challenge, and soft furniture will make them sink back down again. Choose furniture that’s sturdy and firm to provide additional support.

Consider the Height

Height is also important when purchasing furniture. Furniture that sits low to the ground may be trendy, but they’re not practical for seniors. Choosing furniture at the proper height will make your loved ones feel more relaxed and comfortable. They also need furniture that makes it easy for them to get up and to sit down.

Check the Length

Older people don’t need long furniture. They could bump into it in the middle of the night, leading them to fall. Consider the length when purchasing furniture. For example, a loveseat would be more beneficial than a sofa. Plus, it provides plenty of space for two people and the armrests aren’t too far apart. It allows your grandparents to enjoy quality time together when listening to music or watching television.

Size Factor

You don’t want to buy furniture that takes up a lot of space. Some elderly people live in small spaces. Small to medium sized furniture is ideal for your loved ones. It allows them to walk around the room without bumping into anything.

Notice the size of your loved one’s living space before you purchase them new furniture and you should downsize as much as possible. This can help you determine which type of furniture will fit comfortably in their space. When you get the furniture, move it up against the wall to ensure it won’t move when they get up.

When you go furniture shopping for your loved ones, bring them along with you. They’ll like knowing that you value their input. If that’s not possible, ask the salespeople to help you find furniture for the special people in your life.