How to Turn your Bathroom into a Luxurious Spa


A visit to the spa – this is one thing that most of us want to always have time for. Unfortunately, with the nature of our busy lives, this is not one thing that we can do often. The good news is that you no longer need to make a trip to the spa. You can have the same relaxing experience at the comfort of your own bathroom by following the tips briefly mentioned in the rest of this post.

Start with the Fixtures

Designing a bathroom that mimics a luxurious spa should start with what the eyes can see. Therefore, your choice of fixtures will be important. Among others, you should consider using somethin creative, like a freestanding bath tub. It looks like it’s floating in the middle of the bathroom. With the right lighting, it will create a well-appointed space. Aside from the tub, the choice of sinks, shower heads, and even faucets will also be critical.

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Invest in Spa Indulgences

In one article from Architectural Digest, it has been pointed out that creating a luxurious spa-like experience should also involve preparing for pampering. Simply put, this means that you should be ready with the essentials that you can find in an actual spa, such as body scrubs and aromatherapy oils. You can keep them on the shelves so that they are readily available when you are ready to pamper yourself.

Be Picky about Colors

If you have ever been in a high-end spa, one thing that is common in most of them is that they use warm and relaxing colors. It’s best to choose neutral colors for your bathrooms, which should include blue, beige, or white. They will create a more welcoming and soothing space compared to dark colors. These colors will also help to create the illusion of a bigger space.

Infuse Natural Scents

Some people might opt to use candles and aromatherapy essential oils in the bathroom to have a relaxing and elegant scent. However, we recommend that you use natural scents instead. One thing that you can do is to add fresh plants in the bathroom, which will also help to absorb pollutants. Tying fresh eucalyptus in the shower head is also a good idea to have a soothing aroma.

Add Artwork

Just like to other spaces in your house, incorporating art in the bathroom will give it a more dynamic look. However, since you would like to recreate an elegant spa, be sure to pick the right artwork. Avoid those with dark themes. Opt for a simple painting that will add life to the wall.

A luxurious spa is not exclusive to a five-star hotel. You can recreate it at home by following the things that have been mentioned above. By doing these, you will have a well-appointed and calming sanctuary!