I Want to Move to Canada Immediately: What Are My Options?


Canadians are stereotyped as friendly, Northern neighbors with a love of poutine and hockey. Sounds like it might be a fun, exciting place to relocate to, eh? If you’re looking for that kind of environment, you may be considering making Canada your new home. But as with immigrating to any country, there are specific steps you have to take to become an official resident.


In general, people move for all kinds of reasons. Relocating to Canada may be because of a job offer or following a spouse or just looking for a new adventure. And in your case, you may need to make arrangements more immediately. It can be tricky because moving to a different country means paperwork and adhering to those countries’ guidelines. If you’re looking to make a quick escape up north, do your research and try to find out the best way for you to stay long term. But if you’re looking to move immediately, there are options for you.

Know Your Timeline

Depending on how long you want to stay in the country, there are different visas you can procure. If you need a quick getaway for a few months, you may want to just consider a visitor visa. Just be aware of the stipulations with this. You must have a genuine trip planned where you can meet with future employers but cannot do any work while on your visitor visa.

Once you get hired, it will be time to return home and start the process of getting a work visa before becoming a permanent resident. If you’re looking for a more permanent visa right away, you‘ll need an official job offer or to go through the Express Entry process.

Express Entry

Canadian express entry is a new immigration program that seeks out skilled workers and tradesmen for expedited visas to become permanent residents. As a part of the express entry system, you’ll be graded on a comprehensive ranking system (CRM) that assesses your work experience, relevant skills, Canadian language skills, education, and age.

The higher your grade, the more likely you are to be welcomed to the federal skilled trades program as skilled immigrants. So individuals with special skills like automotive and diesel certifications may receive a higher score due to their specialization. It can also be helpful if you have experience with Canadian education or family members with ties to Canada.

In addition to the federal program, each province has its own provincial nominee program so they can fill specific needs for labor in their area. This overall process takes around six months for you to be evaluated and approved. If you are not offered an invitation to become a permanent resident of Canada on your first attempt, you can consult with Canadian immigration specialists to increase your eligibility and credentials to one day be welcomed by the Canadian government.

If you’re looking to move to Canada quickly, chances are you have a reason. These can help you make your case to the Canadian government for more immediate immigration. Here are a few of the reasons you may be immigrating and how to navigate that process.

Studying in Canada

Canada boasts world-class colleges and universities. If you’re looking to study in Canada you can immigrate for a few years as an international student for your degree program. The good news about this program: some Canadian provinces will actually offer you status as a permanent resident if you get a job within the province. So if you’re looking to commit to Canada for your studies and beyond this may be a good way to do it.

Family Ties

If you have family in Canada, they can actually pay to sponsor your citizenship. If your spouse is a citizen, through Family Reunification, they can bring you across the border as a part of immigration policy.

Work Visa

If a Canadian employer hires you, then you will work together with your company to procure a work visa. This can be an involved lengthy process, but perhaps the most secure way to be a permanent resident.