Some Ideas to Upgrade and Renovate Your Swimming Pool


If you have a swimming pool in your garden, it will have to be maintained every once in a while. If yours is up for maintenance, you may want to consider renovating it as well. There are lots of new trends that good pool builders can tell you about, which will make your pool even better than it was before. Before summer is coming it is worth checking out if a robotic pool cleaner is worth it for your pool, if you like cleaning your pool regularly, a robot is the most cost-efficient option.

  1. Salt Water Chlorinators

These are new types of pool purifiers and they are amazing! They are really convenient and there is no need to poison yourself, your hair and your water with chlorine anymore. You can finally just use swimming goggles when you go snorkeling at the beach, rather than every time you want to go for a dip in your own backyard.

  1. Pool Lights

Thanks to fiber optics and LED lights, you can turn your swimming pool into something absolutely stunning during the night. During the day, your pool looks refreshing and inviting. At night, it can look like a magical kingdom where fairies live! Your pool company should be able to come up with some amazing designs, including lights in and around the pool. Plus, you can make the match any lights you have in your garden as well, for added beauty.

  1. If You Must Plaster, Go for Aggregate Finish

Sticking with the magical setting you have already created with your fiber and LED lights, why not make the pool equally magical during the daytime? Aggregate finish plaster can make your pool truly sparkly all over. The color is really rich and beautiful and is such an improvement on old fashioned Marcite that you may wonder how you coped all these years. Aggregative actually reflects and refracts light, and the effect is like nothing you have seen before.

  1. Electronic Auto Fill

Remember those dreaded times when you started to notice your pool was getting a bit empty? You would probably end up getting as many garden hoses as you possible could, leading them all to your pool until the levels were back up to normal. With an electronic auto fill, there is no need for this anymore. As soon as your water reaches a certain level, the machine will switch on and fill the pool up, or stop once it is full enough.

  1. Natural Stone Decking

Finally, consider natural stone decking for your pool surroundings. Wood rots very quickly, can get slippery and sometimes leads to splinters in your feet. Traditional stone has similar problems in as such that it is either too slippery, or so rough that it hurts your feet. Plus, it is all too easy for it to chip. If you opt for natural stone decking, however, you will have something incredibly beautiful, non-slip and highly durable.

If it is time for you to have some maintenance done on your pool, these are just some of the simple, and surprisingly affordable, things you could consider doing as well. They will transform your pool into something really beautiful.