Keep Calm and Carry to Term: Tips for How to Stay Calm During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is often depicted as a wonderful and almost magical experience. While there’s no doubting the miraculous nature of procreation, any woman who’s ever been pregnant will tell you it’s not always pleasant. In fact, it can be downright miserable sometimes.

As a result, it’s easy for pregnant women to find themselves in a negative headspace, wondering if they’re on the verge of a nervous breakdown. While everyone has their bad days, the physical and mental toll pregnancy takes on a woman’s body and mind can translate into high anxiety and relentless worry.

The good news is there are many ways in which pregnant women can maintain their sanity and remain calm in the face of obstacles and setbacks. Let’s take a look at seven ways to stay as calm and relaxed as possible during the nine months of pregnancy:


Mindfulness is a powerful technique that helps people stay calm and centered in the face of stress and anxiety. For pregnant women, mindfulness can keep emotional and physical stress from getting the best of them. Mindfulness meditation involves being present in the moment without judgment or anger. While everyone’s path to achieving mindfulness is different, mindfulness guides can help pregnant women find a method that works best for them.


Exercise is a great way to alleviate stress and anxiety, especially during pregnancy. While pregnant women are limited in terms of the types of exercises they can perform, your doctor can provide a list of safe and effective fitness routines to follow for the duration of your pregnancy. One popular option is to do workouts in the water. If you lack access to a swimming pool, a long walk through the neighborhood is another effective way to exercise while pregnant and manage stress in the process.


Studies show that magnesium can help reduce stress and anxiety. Since it’s also an essential for healthy nerve and muscle function, pregnant women should consult their healthcare provider to see if they recommend taking a supplement. Your doctor may suggest magnesium powder infused with other prenatal vitamins as a way to ensure you and your baby are getting all the necessary nutrients for a healthy pregnancy. With this in mind, talk to your doctor before taking any pregnancy supplements, as they may have a better option in mind.


The physical demands of pregnancy often make it difficult for pregnant women to get enough sleep. Unfortunately, lack of sleep is an easy way to rack up stress and anxiety. As a result, pregnant women should do whatever it takes to get plenty of quality sleep. Optimize your sleep environment with improved bedding and better airflow. Limiting caffeine consumption to less than 200 mg per day and avoiding caffeine after 3 pm to prevent a disruption in your sleep schedule.


Staying hydrated is important for overall health, especially for those who are pregnant. What’s more, dehydration often leads to a greater chance of feeling tired and unwell, which leads to unnecessary stress and anxiety. As a result, pregnant women should aim to drink plenty of water throughout the day while avoiding sugary soft drinks and other beverages loaded with processed sugars.


Most pregnant women have the benefit of relying on their partners, doctors, friends, and family when times get tough. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your support network when feeling sad and upset. A simple phone conversation can be enough to calm you down and get you back into a positive frame of mind.


Self-care is all the rage these days and for good reason. It’s easy to put our personal well-being on the backburner in favor of taking care of others. Since pregnancy is all about looking after your unborn infant, pregnant women often sacrifice their own wellness. But your baby’s health is tied directly to yours, so self-care should be made a top priority, whether that means taking a spa day or spending a day focusing on a favorite hobby or interest.

Pregnancy is an incredible thing. At the same time, those who’ve been pregnant know it’s not always the fairytale experience portrayed in popular media. There are days when you feel anything but happy. However, by utilizing the options mentioned above, pregnant women can mitigate the effects of stress and anxiety while promoting peace and calm.

Vivien Bell is a freelance writer from Maryland. She enjoys writing about education, family, home living, and pet care.