How to Keep your Home and Garden Safe


When we think about securing our homes from intruders, we often overlook the additions we have added to the exterior of our homes. In most cases, someone who is seeking to take your belongings or enter your domain for another reason has taken the time to look over your entire property to decide what they want to take or damage, as well as decide the best route for entry. When securing our homes, it is imperative we keep everything, including outside buildings and gardens, in mind. Below, we will discuss ways of taking the security of your home and the surrounding property into your own hands and making it a safe place for you and your family.

Security Systems and Cameras

Seeking professional installation of a home security system is the most obvious starting place for anyone wanting to protect their home. When attempting to include your gardens and exterior areas, the best route to take is a system that also includes security cameras. These cameras can be positioned to catch all angles of your home and garden. This will help you if by chance someone damages or trespasses on your property. Looking back at the footage will help local law enforcement catch whoever disrespected your home and property. Calling for ADT packages and pricing will help you know exactly what can be offered to fit your personal situation.

Other Tips to Protect Your Home

There are quite a few tricks to helping your security system with home protection. One thing that we are all guilty of forgetting about is the doggy door. Homes that have these handy animal doors installed are able to watch their beloved pets move between inside and out with ease. Unfortunately, larger animal doors are also access points for burglars. Good exterior lighting is another great way to help detour an intruder. Having a well-lit exterior shows a would be criminal you are alert to your surroundings. It also keeps an extra protective eye on your garden and home exterior. Keeping your valuables out of sight is also another great idea for protecting your home. Vandals and burglars will see what you have through the windows and decide whether your home is the place they want to attack.

Protecting Your Gardens and Exteriors

As mentioned above, security cameras and exterior lighting can help protect your gardens and outside designs. Luckily, there are other tips for keeping your garden safe. Keeping your hedges trimmed will keep intruders or vandals from having a place to hide. The same can be said for the design of your garden. Using multiple colors will leave you able to see anyone who may be lurking around. Also, in the case of vandals, your security cameras will easily be able to pick up changes in a well-designed and kept garden. Another way to keep your garden safe is to add a fence. This can help keep out any unwelcome intruders and add a feeling of safety. One last addition that many may scoff at, is the scarecrow. If your garden is a vegetable garden, of course, a scarecrow will help keep birds and other critters scared away. When it comes to the human element, they can offer the same kind of protection. An intruder or vandal who is unfamiliar with your landscaping may mistake your scarecrow as an actual person and be scared away in the process.

These tips for keeping both your home and garden safe from harm are excellent for relieving the stress we often find ourselves suffering when it comes to home security. Taking a few of these tips and tricks into consideration when planning your security layout or garden design will make your home safe and secure.