Would you let your partner choose your engagement ring?


We all have a dream engagement ring; that ring we just happen to find ourselves looking at on the internet every day. So, entrusting our partners to pick out that perfect engagement ring is pretty nerve-wracking experience. Although the men are choosing the ring as a promise of commitment to their partners, it is the women that have to have to wear that ring for the rest of their lives.

Choosing the perfect ring is potentially one of the most stressful and high-pressured things a man will do.
The men are often left to their own devices, and it is seen as a true test of how well our partners know one another. In fact, a recent survey by 77 Diamonds revealed 80% of people in a relationship would not feel completely confident to buy their partner an engagement ring without them seeing it first!

We rarely see the thought-process that goes behind picking out an engagement ring, but now we can get a little glimpse into the unseen emotional rollercoaster a man goes through to get the ring right.

77 Diamonds presents “The Perfect Match”, an experiment designed to test couples to see how well they know each other, and how well they know their partner’s taste in jewellery.
We filmed three couples; Ali and Ed, James and Fay, and Holly and Ed, to see if they would be able to select the same ring as each other, in a bid to win a £10,000 diamond.

The couples were invited to the 77 Diamonds London showroom, where they were split up, with the women selecting the engagement ring she would pick for herself, and her partner selecting the engagement ring he believed his other half would want.

The couple who got the closest match on their ring selection won the diamond, which will then be set in a jewellery type of their choice. But who was the closest?
We were able to get insight into what happens when a man is faced with more diamond shapes, styles, cuts and carats than they ever even knew existed!

With a once-in-a-lifetime prize and a partner to impress, the stakes are high!

You can see how the couples got on here:


77 Diamonds’ creative director David Allen said:
“We set up this experiment to see how well couples know each other and their jewellery preferences. With around 3000 men visiting our showroom each year to pick the perfect engagement rings for their partner, we don’t often get to see the reaction when the ring is presented or what the woman actually thinks of the ring. It was really interesting to see how close people were on their matches, and the rationale they had when picking out the ring. Diamond education is a problem in general, people tend to assume all diamonds are the same in all aspects other than size and shape but there is much more to it. We loved meeting the couples, and learning about their stories and hopefully, when the time is right, the men are fully equipped to pick the perfect ring for their partners!”