Mistakes to Avoid While Having Kitchen Renovations


Choosing kitchen styles while renovating your kitchen is one of the toughest tasks of renovation work. You may have scrolled through several kitchen renovations and design ideas on Instagram and Pinterest and that would have given you several imaginations and ideas of how you want your kitchen to be like. But incorporating all these ideas into one single kitchen is next to impossible. When you try to add more and more designs in one kitchen, you tend to create a clutter in the kitchen and thereby make it inconvenient. What many people miss out on understanding is that a kitchen has to be comfortable along with being stylish. So, in trying to copy designs that you spot on the internet, you may forget to add the comfort factor and complicate the layout. There are some design mistakes spotted in all kitchens collectively. Even after due considerations, some basic points tend to slip out of notice while kitchen renovations. So, to ensure that you all do not make those mistakes, we have listed down some common kitchen renovation mistakes that one should avoid at all costs:

Height of Cabinets and Benchtops:

While deciding the height of the benchtops and cabinets, in the kitchen, there are several factors that need consideration. The first is the height of the family members who would be using the kitchen frequently. Generally, all the cabinets and benchtops are made keeping in mind the average human height 5’8” into consideration. But, in case you have a kitchen with a lower overall height, you can maximise your available space by adjusting the cabinet size accordingly. Also, if you have a kitchen with more ceiling height, you need to make sure that you do not waste the extra space available to you. It is a good idea to build a bulkhead in such cases.

Not Keeping Space for the Doors:

This mistake is often spotted in small kitchens. People who have small kitchen spaces, try to maximise the storage space by all means. But in this pursuit of space maximisation, one forgets to leave enough space for the doors. Many people plan to have the fridge right up against the wall and then miss out on leaving enough floor space for the fridge door to open. The same happens with cabinet floors at times. When the space for the doors to open and close is not taken into consideration, the kitchen can have doors clashing with each other all over the place. This can not only be inconvenient but also make the whole kitchen look like a cluttered space.

Addressing the Details:

Kitchen renovations can sometimes exceed your budget. It is definitely a tough balance to maintain between not exceeding the budget and getting the kitchen renovations satisfactorily. Sometimes, in the process of getting more and more, one forgets to focus on the details. But, it is better to ensure that all the minor things like light fixtures and switches, handles, tapware, shelves, etc. are perfectly fitted. You will be amazed how big a difference can these minor items can create in enhancing the convenience and comfort of the kitchen.

Considering your storage needs:

Homeowners have varying needs for storage spaces. Before starting to plan kitchen renovations, it is advisable to consider the amount of storage space needed by you. Sometimes, it so happens that people do not analyse their needs before starting off with the renovation works and end up having an excess or a lack of storage space.

All these mistakes made in kitchen renovations can cost you a lot more than just money. So, it is better that you stay clear of these common errors while planning your kitchen renovation work.