Occupational Therapy in the Promotion of Health and Well-Being


Occupational therapy is physical treatment that aims to help provide what a person needs to do their job. This is especially pertinent when the job is physical. Physical jobs require people to do things that might hurt after an accident or a lifetime of work.

Whether you have been injured at work, in a car accident, or playing a sport, it is the goal of occupational therapy to bring you back to the point where you can work without pain and discomfort. This is a multifaceted job that is comprehensive in nature. If you are interested in helping people, you can get started by taking online occupational therapy programs to see how you like it. Below is how to think about occupational therapy to promote overall health and well-being.

Focus on Pain

There are millions of people in this country who struggle with chronic pain. Chronic pain can come from an accident, a sports injury, a lifetime of sitting at a desk. One thing that occupational therapy should focus on is relieving patients of pain so that they can do better at work and in life. If you work on pain continuously, there will be a mitigation of the use of pain pills.

For example, if a person is struggling after an accident and can’t perform at work, they may be prescribed powerful opioid synthetics to ease that pain and discomfort. This can create an addiction and dependence on those drugs. To avoid this, occupational therapy can determine what needs to happen to decrease pain in the workplace and life in general.

Work on Regaining Function

When someone has broken a bone, torn a ligament, or ripped tendons, there will be a decent amount of work needed to regain function. It is the goal of occupational therapists to help their patients regain function of a part of their body as quickly as possible to help them get back to work and their life.

Regaining function is as important as mitigating pain. If the person can’t regain function, they might lose money and set their life back. Function is in the promotion of health and well-being. Without it, people will struggle to live a happy, healthy life.

Create Self-Reliance

Occupational therapy is also available for people who want to bring back motor functioning to become self-reliant. For example, if someone can’t eat without the help of others because they are disabled or injured, an occupational therapist can guide them and their body to the best ways to become self-reliant.

It is important for everyone to be self-reliant. It leads to self-esteem boosts and self-worth. It is an essential part of life. If someone can’t take care of themselves, how can you expect them to feel good about it? Creating self-reliance or at least a sense of it will make a huge difference in the person’s life.

Improve Overall Health

When someone is subject to a traumatic injury, there is also mental trauma. It can shift how the person feels about their overall health and well-being. Especially with a sports injury, the athlete might take a totally new approach to their life. They might want to eat better, drink less, and sleep more.

Even if a person isn’t an athlete, an injury or accident could wake the person up and give them a new lease on life. With occupational therapy helping them work and live better, a lot of people make changes to the way they are doing things. Occupational therapy is sometimes just one part of recovery, but it focuses on specific things that can help the person overcome injuries, work without pain, and facilitate their overall health.

Whether the person has had an injury playing a sport, in an accident, or just from a lifetime of hard work and bad self-care, occupational therapy can help bring them back to life. It can help people regain function and mitigate pain. It can help people overcome hardships and take a different approach to health and wellness. If you need occupational therapy or are thinking about becoming an occupational therapist yourself, there are plenty of benefits of the field that are not to be overlooked. It changes lives.