Our dreams are a reminder of our unfulfilled desires


Do you know the exact meaning of your dreams? To know what your dreams are trying to tell you is such an important tool. It can even help you complete and fulfill some phases of your life. As we grow older and get older we are less likely to remember our dreams. However, we are not to forget that we can just as well dream with our eyes opened. Therefore it is of crucial importance to share your dreams and speak about your unfulfilled desires. It is a normal thing to miss some things because of others. Some decisions might even leaded you to yer different doors and ways. Whole your life, career, love life and success depends on your every day decisions.


The Aborigines have a special ritual called “time for dreaming”. It’s the tool they would use in order to understand their subconscious. If you constantly go back to your unfulfilled dreams, you are most likely to make them come true in the near future. On the other hand if you always hide what your desires are, your hidden “I” will remain hidden just like them. You might live love and make friends, however there will always be something missing. That would be something essential. You will feel a huge emptiness inside you and you will not feel fulfilled.


Moreover, if there are dreams and desires that haven’t been fulfilled, you will feel like you didn’t complete your life mission. The same goes for the negative experiences we have had but we still keep them inside us. You will constantly carry them as a weight. Maybe you will even try to push them even deeper in order to feel secure.

But the thing is you shouldn’t share all this things with a random person. It is of crucial importance to find at least one person whom you trust, who would listen to you and will keep your secrets. In order to show your naked soul you must find a person ready to hear your deepest and touching stories.

Moreover you can’t keep these secrets and desires inside you forever. They affect the person you are right now. The sooner you speak about them, the more released you will feel. Firstly start with something simple.

What do you dream about?
What changes would you like to see?
If you can and you have the power, what would you do in order to experience these changes?
What keeps you from not doing it?

Another crucial thing is to focus only on the positive aspects. If you remind yourself about something that didn’t happen yet, don’t blame yourself for it. Work on it instead. Otherwise you will feel more disappointed than motivated. The key is to find the connection between the scar and the solution. You have to absolutely make a distinction between attachment and will. If you learn how to have a desire but not get attached to the things, you are on the right path. That’s how one gets to the top and reaches his burning desires.