Plumbing Fixes You Can Do Yourself


Be your own emergency plumber

While plumbing requires much caution and mostly suggested that one must seek help from the expert in this regard; however, there are some plumbing fixes that are easy enough for us to do it by ourselves.

Let’s look at 7 easy plumbing fixes which do not require a plumber.

  • Installing a Faucet

Being on a constant use often needs to be installed in every year or two. All one needs is a plumbing tape and the other required parts come along with the set of faucet along with a guide to install it.

  • Fix the Leaky Faucet

A leaky faucet basically means the washer needs to be changed. Two simple steps, one, take off the old washer, install the new one. Don’t know the process? Google or YouTube, have the information required to fix any leaky faucets. Of course, you need to know what size of the washer to be installed as faucets come in different sizes and shapes.

  • Prevent the drain from getting clogged

The continuous flow of water consisting of debris and wastage often causes frequent drain clog, and it can be a bit expensive calling in the emergency plumbers to get the drain fixed. Well, not if we know these simple hacks on disposing grease or food particles directly into the sink, if we can take two minutes to throw them into a waste bin will not only keep the drain from clogging every now and then but also save some extra bucks.

Also, a sink plunger and having the drain snaked with a sink auger every week or two keeps the line clear.

  • Use natural solvents

It is highly recommended that conventional drain cleaners and the hacks should be avoided. It may seem like an easy fix but in the long run, it will damage the plumbing structure, including the delicate pipelines. Rather it is recommended that natural solvents considered as cleaners should be used for instance- baking soda, vinegar. Using these on a daily basis should keep things under control.

  • An easy fix to the running toilet

Usually, a faulty valve or a float switch can cause the toilet to run and make a disgusting watery mess. It is mainly caused when the large bulb set in the water tank of the toilet fails to control the flow of water. However, you being the emergency plumber to this mess can fix it by just replacing the entire thing, and hey! the water in the tank is fresh so, don’t worry.

  • The Easiest plumbing fix

Did you know? Replacing the kitchen sprayer is considered to be the easiest plumbing fix of all time. All one needs to keep in mind is what kind of kitchen sprayer they have and it’s as easy as a piece of cake. As most of the sprayers can be replaced without having the hoses changed entirely, and the job becomes much simpler for any elementary plumber to fix the kitchen sprayer.

But if by chance the hose is in pretty bad condition and needs to be altered, all one needs is a new hose, new nozzle, and some plumbing threads; the internet is already there to assist.

  • Easy Garbage disposal repair hack

Repairing clogged or jammed garbage disposal might sound messy but did you notice every garbage disposal comes with a hex wrench attached to it and a guideline on how to clear the clog? Thus, it saves the cost of a new tool as well as hiring a plumber. It is to keep in mind that before attempting this fix, one must go through the guidelines carefully and if it still appears complicated then maybe, call an emergency plumber.

Signing off with the best wishes hoping these fixes help you become a fair emergency plumber of your house.