Portsmouth: The rainy day guide


Strictly speaking, the activities we outline through this guide aren’t going to just focus on a rainy day. Instead, today’s post is going to outline some of the very best activities that Portsmouth has to offer for anyone who is looking to fill some time – the rainy day phrase just satisfies an old English saying.

The immediate impression that a lot of people have when they think of Portsmouth is “accessible”. It’s renowned for its port, and this prompts the misconception that this is all there is to offer.

However, cast your eyes wider and it becomes clear why the best hotels have been more than happy to place their accommodation in this city. We will now take a look at some of the best things that the typical visitor can do in Portsmouth, to highlight our point in more detail.

The culture-factor

Years ago, there used to be a Premier League football side playing in Portsmouth. In fact, they even won the biggest cup competition in the country less than a decade ago. While they aren’t faring quite as successfully now, what Portsmouth does have is a wealth of other cultural options.

There are two huge theatres going by the name of the Kinds Theatre and New Theatre Royal, both of which were designed by the renowned Frank Matcham.

If music is your thing, the city attracts countless big artists every year, with several venues being able to accommodate events of this magnitude.

A touch of history

If history is your thing, there’s no doubt that the Historic Dockyard is the attraction which ticks the biggest box here. The fact that this was home to some of the biggest warships in the land, with HMS Victory and the Mary Rose being two of the biggest names to dock there.

Of course, while the dockyard is significant to Portsmouth, it’s not the only historical attraction. The city also boasts its own castle in the form of Southsea, with this happening to be the place where Henry VIII witnessed the Mary Rose sink.

Museums are particularly prominent in Portsmouth as well and if you look hard enough, there’s a considerable emphasis on Charles Dickens who has much of his work showcased around the city.

Staying active

With plenty of parkland dotted around the city, it won’t come as a surprise to read that staying active is a breeze in Portsmouth as well. In fact, for anyone who takes their running to competitive levels, the city has a weekly parkrun based at The Common. This is a huge area of parkland, while its reputation also means that the Great South Run starts here as well. The fact that this is officially classed as the fastest 10k run in the world says everything you need to know about how this is regarded.

On a slightly more gentle level, there are several guided walks available as well. Portsmouth Guiding Service should be your port of call here, as they operate numerous guided tours throughout the week that are perfect for tourists.