Positive affirmations that should be analyzed deeper before applied


People tend to think that what they read on the social media can switch their negativity to positivity in an instant. However, what’s written down there should be analyzed twice before applied. Some of the phrases are so light that do not even make you go deeper in their meaning. Therefore at the end they bring you more disappointment than benefits and you end up blaming yourself for not being good enough.

On the other hand, they might be true and bring you good results, however, on short terms. The motivational phrases should act motivational, inspirational and to make you become the best version of yourself. The following examples are such phrases that should be analyzed twice before you decide to believe in them unconditionally.


Always be yourself

There’s nothing wrong with this affirmation. However, before you decide to always be yourself, you have to first learn how to follow your instincts. The process of learning about who you are and how to follow your feelings is a large one. There still exist people who do not accept they have ego. However, in most of the cases is the ego that gives answers and behaves in a certain way. That’s why you should firstly learn who you are, what do your feelings and instincts tell you and only than be yourself.

Always give the best of you

Once again, giving 100% is fine, but not always. You should always act according to the situation and what resonates with you. The line between giving 100% and giving up in order to see results is very thin. Always work on your improvement, be generous and fight for what you want. But know when yo stop and when it’s enough. Sometimes less is more.


Always say what you think

Right, but bare in mind the other people’s feelings. Be aware that you might hurt somebody by always saying what you think. It’s totally fine to be honest, however avoid rudeness. Mind the difference in characters and the sensitivity of the people around you. At the end of the day, you are not meant to live alone, even though the chances of speaking the truth to people’s face might leave you friendless.

Don’t work too much, make more time for your partner and your private life

This is partially true because in order to live well you need to earn money. More often than not, the love gets away through the window when the poverty knocks on the door. There’s no need of further explanation. You have to make a balance in order for the things to work good. However, never underestimate the need of working and making money. That’s how you become independent.


Always be positive

That’s another affirmation that’s partially true. You can’t always be positive. Allow yourself to have a bad day, be mad and sad. Even cry if necessary. It is more recommendable to get the anger out of you, to take what it takes and then feel released from the pain. Moreover, if you are always positive you somehow ignore to see the real situation and work on your problems.