Prepare for Thanksgiving with DIY decorations ideas


Thanksgiving is near and we all are getting ready for this amazing Holiday. Even though we know it is going to be different this year with present COVID-19, that doesn’t stop us to decorate and get into the holiday groove. Here are some ideas you can use when decorating your home for this year’s Thanksgiving.

Thankful wreath

By setting up a wreath on your front door will give a welcoming thanSetting up a wreath on your front door will give a welcoming thanksgiving tone and welcome your guest with a holiday spirit. You can buy or make a homemade wreath. Add some roses, pinecones, hypericum berries, champagne grapes, or hydrangeas.

Harvest mantel

Decorate your fireplace mantel with a collection of inexpensive melamine plates, attached to the wall with easy-to-use adhesive disk hangers. You can also casually arrange an assortment of grouds and pumpkins between two bundles of fried wheat on the mantel. Adding a blackboard where you can write an inspirational quote, or your Thanksgiving dinner menu is something you should definitely do.

Layered look

You can make a pretty centerpiece or mantel decoration by layering seasonal materials in a glasses, or cylinder vases. Place some corn kernels, then add burgundy cockscomb celosia, orange bittersweet, pale green dried hops, and brown oak leaves. In the end, place a rustic color pillar candle. Move the candles if the flame is getting close to the dried material, or simply use a battery-powered candle. And you have a beautiful table decoration for Thanksgiving this year.

Moss and rocks

We give you a quick and easy Thanksgiving decoration. Just use moss and rocks on your table. To achieve that, place rocks and bits of moss around small candles into little flowerpots. You can switch tiny ornaments and sprigs of evergreen to keep it until December for the next big Holliday.

Bountiful tabletop

For this Thanksgiving, create a stunning table display that represents the bounty of the season. Decorate your table with cylindrical vases filled with birdseed that provides a sturdy base for branches. On the branches, add small pumpkins that will dangle on bits of twine. Between the vases add hollowed out gourds that will hold candles and berries. A finishing touch could be arranging berries, pinecones, gourds, moss, and branches around that vases.

Napkin ring

Add fashion sense to your dining table this year. Fashion flowers made from corn husks are amazing for this seasonal napkins rings. To create this flower, you need to cut a freehand spiral from a soaked corn husk so it has at least four rings. Beginning from the outside, roll up the spiral, this will form a rose shape and let it dry. The rose will hold its shape loosely and will need to secure it by gluing a circle to the base. The next step is to cut out a rectangle for the ring and fold it to the ends. Glue the flower to the top and the fashionable flower ring is ready.

Appreciate your ancestry

Holidays are a great time to teach your young ones about their heritage, by making it a fun activity. Get some copies of vintage family photos and arrange them on the wall as a ”family tree”. The rest of the family members can guess the people in the photos.

Natural display


Endorse into the fall season by creating a pumpkin basket as a centerpiece for your table. Start by hollowing the pumpkin first. After that, place a block of wet floral foam inside. Place a pillar candle in the foam surrounded by blooms and berries, and the basket fall decoration is done.

Pinecone tree

A pinecone tree is worth showing it off until winter is over. To create a pinecone tree you need to make the branches stand in a clear cylindrical vase. Add small pinecones in the vase and glass or plastic balls filled with greenery to support the branches. To finish up the look, hang small pinecones and tiny snowflakes ornaments from the branches.

Centre of attention

To create a bountiful centerpiece you can decorate by using corn husk. Cover a cake stand with fanned out a corn husk, then pile on gourds, leaves, and ornamental of fresh corn. Another thing that you can do for this kind of decor is to make a cornucopia. Place small pumpkins and gourds spilling out of a cornucopia and you will have a lush seasonal look on your tabletop.

Write your thanks

Make the holiday night more meaningful by giving each guest a personal note of appreciation. Give the notes in envelopes as a place card, or turn them into keepsakes. Print each message on a colorful paper and wrap it around a candle holder. Another thing that you can do is putting a frame on the wall by placing paper leaves that can be pinned to the frame. Cut a piece of paper from old books or scrapbooks in different fall shades for the leaves. When family members or guests come, they can write their thanks on the leaf paper and pin them on the frame.