How to Protect Your Granite Worktops


Granite is an amazingly strong and durable natural stone, with a naturally slightly porous

surface. Often used for kitchen work surfaces it comes in a highly polished finish. However

due to both its porous nature and polished finish this means that there are a few important

factors to take into consideration when taking care of your Mister Marble granite worktops.


When subjected to high heat granite can expand slightly, so you should be careful to ensure

that no hot pans or dishes are placed directly on your granite worktops. The use of pan

stands is highly recommended; these could be the freestanding kind or you might consider

having one fitted to your worksurface for added peace of mind. Unfortunately, when it is

subjected to heat, some types of granite can discolour. This can be a temporary issue, but in

some cases it will cause permanent damage. Granite is also great at retaining heat, so if you

do accidently place a hot item directly on your worksurface you need to be aware that the

surface will remain hot for a while due to heat absorption.


The granite used for kitchen worktops is polished to a very high finish giving it an unrivalled

beauty.Whilst this finish is referred to as scratch resistant it unfortunately does not mean

that it isn’t possible to scratch it. Care should be taken when chopping, so always use a

chopping board; chopping directly on top of the work surface could cause scratches to the

granite, and it is certainly possible that it will damage your knives. It is also worth

remembering that scratches can also be caused to your granite from a diamond ring or even

from rough edges on the bottom of a cup.

Chips / Pits

What can look like very small chips in granite are often naturally occurring pits. These are

normal, and are caused by missing grains in the composition of the granite. Unfortunately

chips are bigger and are not a natural occurrence. They can be caused when sharp or heavy

objects are dropped onto your granite surfaces. Whilst it is sometimes possible to repair

small chips, large ones are a different matter.


Hot items such as pans, kettles and even mugs can leave unsightly ring marks on your

granite, which are not always possible to remove. There are also a surprising number of

food items that you should be wary of placing directly on your worktop like acidic fruits, and

foods with strong colour such as beetroot and curry. Due to the slightly porous nature of

granite all of these could stain your worksurface and over time this can lead to significant

discolouration. Strong household cleaners should be avoided for the same reason and we

would also recommend not to place items directly from the dishwasher onto your granite as

the water on themcan also contain detergent residue which could also mark the surface.

Taking note of the tips and tricks above will help to make sure your granite worktops look

better for longer – allowing you to have a worktop that is both functional and attractive.