Rancher LED poultry lights are best for Managing Your poultry Sheds


Poultry is one of the important fields of livestock businesses. ShineLongLed.com brings rancher LED poultry lights for enlightening of poultry shed which plays important role in the productivity. Without proper lighting in your poultry farms healthy poultry cannot be produced. It is impossible to provide daylight in the farm so artificial lighting is compulsory. It also helps in regulating the inner temperature of the sheds with hens’ cages. Selection of suitable Tri-Proof LED lights is key factor in lightening system. Hereunder is the discussion which may be helpful for good selection.

Significance of lighting in poultry

All living creatures are centered around regular day and night light cycles. Disturbance in this cycle greatly effect their health and growth. To maintain a healthy light and dark cycle for your poultry is significant factor. 

Significant? Yes! Indeed.

To understand it, consider the biological structure and requirements of bird. A consistent cycle of light and dark helps in maintaining lots of functions regarding their immunity and growth. 

Hens have a little different body system; their brains get light not only through their eyes but also via top of their skull through pineal and pituitary glands as well. Number of cones (which are photo receptor cells) in their eyes are of four type and can sense red, blue, green and UV light as we. 

In day and night cycle, day light is associated with more active period of routine and night time refers to less activity or rest time. Moreover, day light enhances the growth rate in poultry. By managing day light for more time in poultry sheds, better immune response, improved growth rate, active mobility can be acquired in poultry stuff.  

Rancher LED tri-proof lights are a good source for creating a day time atmosphere in the poultry sheds which increases the productivity.

Use of LED Lights for Lightening in Poultry Farm

There are three pinnacles of light in bright light – red, green and blue – and that blend gives us an extremely pleasant white light which people can see. Chickens, be that as it may, in all probability see this diversely and can choose the distinctive shading ranges as a result of their better vision. 

Full spectrum lights are LED lights and are fundamentally the same as what we find in daylight. In an average LED bulb, the pinnacle frequency inside the blue range stretches around 440nm. The appropriation of light power over the remainder of the range changes for every LED light bulb.

Tri-Proof LED lights are very good option not only for poultry but also for other locations where lightening is needed. It includes underground stations, shopping malls, big conference halls, restaurants and many other places. Rancher LED lights are highly suitable for food industry as well. Its full spectrum white light facilitates the workers and improves their performance by keeping them active.

Why Rancher LED Lights are Best Option?

Lightening of working areas and livestock managing halls is significant in enhancement of progress. 

Do you think one can work properly in low light?


Livestock can go through a healthy lifespan when their sheds remain dark most of the time?

Definitely not!

For proper working and healthy living a proper light plays important role. Rancher LED light fulfil this purpose effectively. 

These lights are Tri-proof which means these are protected against water, dust, damp and vapors.

These are made according to patent design and match all standards define for rancher LED lights. In contains PC/PE casing, AL board, stainless steel caps and clips which are highly resisted against corrosive environmental elements. 

shileLongLed lights meet international standards and use SMD2835 as patent protection LED source. 

Tri-Proof LED light have a long-life span and can bear harsh weather conditions for long time. L80B50 bears a lifespan of 75000 hours at 25oC which is quite reasonable and preferable in many areas for lightening.

Rancher LED lights are suitable for a variety of locations. These also facilitate the user to manage different wattage for different location. Choose the most suitable LED light for your location voltage and wattage capacity. Three different wattage capacities are offered i.e., 20W, 36W and 45W with same efficiency. Following chart provides you with other details which can help for selection of the most suitable rancher light for your work place of livestock shed.

Impressive features of Rancher LED Lights

What did you impress?

I think when I get something which is better than my expectations, I really get impressed.

So, is the case with Rancher LED Lights; these offer amazing features which are much more than which you are searching for!

Let’s see why someone searching for LED light.

In managing the big farm houses, poultry sheds, livestock farms or any warehouse where proper illumination and lightening is required, LED lights are proved good. In these areas, large requirement of illumination and difficulty in managing dust and damp situations along with temperature issues are difficult to manage. 

Rancher Tri-Proof LED lights provide really fantastic solution of all these issues. Because these lights are water proof, dust proof, damp and vapor proof and provide good deal of illumination.  These are corrosive resistant lights and have long lifespan in high temperature.

Among the numerous noteworthy highlights that the Rancher brings to the table incorporates its IP69K – IK10 insurance rating. This implies these illuminators are completely protected against harms brought about by water drenching, fume, dust, abrupt effect. 

Additionally, because of its topnotch PC/PE lodging and treated steel tops, the farmer is erosion and maturing safe. The PC material assumes a significant job by giving compelling UV protecting. Because of their extraordinary quality and reasonableness, these illuminating presences can be utilized both inside and outside. Furthermore, the farmer arrives in a patent chamber structure that makes it simple to introduce, clean, and keep up. Also, tits not the end!

Shinelong LED rancher lights are an efficient product just like their other tri-proof led lights. Their efficiency rating is proven as 110lm/w or 130lm/w with a lifetime of more than 75,000 hours. 

If saves your expanses in terms of power and money as well. The maintenance expanse is also reduced greatly as being anti corrosive and damage resistant these do not need it. 

Five-year warranty adds to the beautiful features. These lights also offer dimming capabilities including 0~10V and DALI. Their size variety and wattage variety make them convenient for multiple situations. 

Rancher LED lights are a very good option for places other than poultry farms and livestock farms where illumination is needed. Such as any shopping mall, sub ways, warehouses, underground stations, factories and garages etc. 

Multiple installation options

Rancher LED lights are also fantastic for their installation. There are no special arrangements required to install these lights. Along with that these allow customization for its wires’ installations. The user can select the most suitable location for plugging in the wiring connections. Both the A and B options are elaborated in the images below. Sometimes images speak loudly than words!

How to choose right lighting object for your system 

For this purpose, the most important step is analyzing the location which needs to be illuminated. The total area and lightening conditions can be judged by the owners. 

The second point is your budget under which you want to complete the lightening project. 

According to the experts, continuous distribution of lights whether in bulb format or linear lights is recommended for all types of locations where livestock and poultry are going to be managed in cages or in colonial fashion.

Rancher LED lights are proven good for birds and animals. During research it is observed that birds and animals feel pleasant in LED light as compared to fluorescent lights. 

Inner structure of Rancher LED Light

Rancher LED lights are designed so craftly that enhances their lifespan and provide multiple benefits to its users. Main LED board in enclosed in Mitsubishi PC cover which is closed at the both ends with stainless steel end caps. Alu housing inside the PC cover holds the LED board.

For making it secure water proof silicon Gaskets are added under the Cable Glands on both ends. After adjustment of all the components stainless steel clips ae applied on both ends and to close tightly and also providing hooks for hanging these lights.  LED Driver is an essential part for its working.

Tri-Proof features are mostly because of these components which are bound together to create masterpieces for lightening purpose.


LED lights are globally proven as the most suitable lightening solution for various locations. These may be housing systems, underground garages, subway stations, train tunnels, poultry farms, livestock farms and much more. Rancher LED lights are tri-proof which means these are highly resistant for water, dust, damp, vapor and corrosive elements in environment. Their long lifespan in high temperature makes these lights the best choice. Selection of rancher LED lights reduces the expanses whether these are in form of power or money. Using these lights makes the user free of tension regarding maintenance and replacement of damaged lights. These enables the users for enjoying a progressive and relaxed life. choose once and enjoy forever!

Author Bio:
Nat Huang is the Chief Marketing Officer for SHINELONGLED.COM, a Chinese manufacturer that specializes in providing LED triproof lights and commercial lighting solutions to its global customer base through an official website. Follow him on Twitter @imrNat.