Religious, Tea-Addict & a Place Full of Cats: Presenting Malaysia’s 15 Best Adventures


Living up to its tourism tag line, Truly Asia, Malaysia indeed has the best of Asia to offer. From the glitz and glamour of the big city life to the calmness of the turquoise sea and from the immensely modern skyscrapers to the tiny hamlets and exotic villages, from the amazing parties to the serene temples Malaysia has something special for everyone. It’s truly a wholesome experience which makes it quintessentially a favourite among both tourists and Travellers. Here are fifteen of the coolest things that you can do in Malaysia.

Sip a cocktail at the pristine beaches

Malaysia is dotted with dreamy beaches and backwaters which makes it a perfect destination for all the sea lovers. Laze around and get a nice tan while sipping a cocktail or take a nice dip in the turquoise sea and all your worries will melt away! Whether the happening Langkawi or the laid back Redang is up your alley, this country has a ton of gorgeous beaches.

Experience the culture

Take a break from the regular tourist spots and explore the less travelled parts of the country. You can soak in a variety of authentic experiences, local food and culture in the untouched villages of East Malaysia. Live in a traditional longhouse along the riverbanks of Sabah and Sarawak and wake up to the stunning natural beauty of the Borneo.

Spot orangutans at the Malaysian Borneo Forest

If you are a lover of wildlife, a trip to the rain forests of Borneo can be an exhilarating experience for you. You can spot the majestic Borneo orangutans of Malaysia which are endangered but in the process of rehabilitation.

Tea plantations are a connoisseur’s delight

If you are a lover of tea, a trip to the Cameron Highlands is something you must do. Lush green plantations of superior quality tea dot the gentle slopes of the mountains. Take a couple of days to cool off in the picturesque highlands and hike through the mesmerising greens.

Hike up to South East Asia’s highest peak

Malaysia is the home to Mount Kinabalu which is the highest peak in South East Asia. A hike to the peak offers delightful views of the Borneo forest and a stunning sunrise. It’s important to know that the trek starts early in the morning and you need to get yourself a permit beforehand.

Explore the stunning limestone caves

The limestone caves of Batu offer an incredibly beautiful sight for travellers and happen to be one of the most popular destinations. It is a revered Hindu shrine which hosts a huge festival in January or February.

Appreciate architecture at beautiful temples and mosques

The country is dotted with places of worship which exhibit mesmerising work of architecture and craftsmanship. From Chinese sanctuaries to Buddhist monasteries like Kek Lok Si, from Hindu temples to mosques like Ubudiah Mosque, Malaysia has a rich melange of religious monuments to offer which speaks tonnes about its cultural harmony.

Enjoy the bustling city life

If you prefer the urban life, Kuala Lumpur is a glamourous city with all the modern amenities and stunning skyscrapers to blow your mind. Walk down the Bukit Bintang and shop from the trendiest places or simply soak in the city life. A view of the city at night is splendid as it gets all lit up and looks like something straight out of fairy tale.

Learn about heritage at the museums

Enjoy a virtual trip through the history, culture and heritage of this beautiful country by visiting the various informative museums like the National Museum, Perak Museum. There’s also a whole array of cool museums for niche crowd such as the textile museum, Trick Art Museum, Cat Museum etc. if you are not much inclined to go through history or culture.

Spike up your adrenaline with exciting water sports

Malaysia is a heaven for lovers of water sports. Scuba diving, sea walking, parasailing, snorkeling, jet ski rides, flyboarding etc. are insanely popular and great ways to unwind. Plenty of water sports facilities along the beaches of the country offer safe water and exciting sports options aided by trained guides. For the less adventurous there are banana boat, glass bottom boat rides etc. as well.

Cat City

A visit to the cat themed city of Kuching is an absolute must for all cat lovers. From cat statues to, cat museum to cat themed souvenirs, it’s absolutely impawsible to resist this adorable place. Even the name of the city literally translates to ‘cat’ and it surely doesn’t shy away from proclaiming their love for our feline companions.

Meet wild animals at the night safari

Take a trip through Malaysia’s night safari and see wild animals such as big cats in their natural habitat. Zoo Taiping and Night Safari, offers you an experience of a lifetime. It is also a perfect choice for families with tots. This is a grand and unique experience as you get to experience the beauty of these animals’ roam about in their natural ecosystem instead of them being caged up in tiny zoo cages. Take photographs, meet majestic wild animals and have an enthralling experience.

Have fun at the coolest theme and adventure parks

Malaysia has a whole range of exciting theme parks, adventure parks, petting zoos etc. to offer which will not only keep the kids busy but will also turn adults into excited kids! Little Big Club, Skytrex Adventure Theme Park, Lost World Tambun etc. offer a whole lot of exciting adventures that you can enjoy with your buddies and family alike. The best part about these theme parks is that they give you the adrenaline rush in a safe and controlled environment which makes it excellent for most age groups.

Experience the excellent nightlife

Malaysia is a heaven for party animals as well as it boasts of an unparalleled night life. Go club hopping in Kuala Lumpur and you will party till you drop. Since it caters to almost every kind of people, you can expect a wide range of music right from hardcore rock to soft jazz to blues and folk. It offers a niche exclusive feel as you kick up a storm on the dance floor in a sky-high bar.

Explore the amazing food

No trip to Malaysia can be complete without a taste of the delectable local cuisine of the land. From the lip smacking local food at the innumerable street stalls to authentic Malaysian cuisine at high end restaurants, leave no food untried. Being is a melting pot of Malay, Chinese and Indian flavours, the Malaysian cuisine has a rich melange of tastes which is something you have never tasted before! If you are inclined towards international cuisine, cities of Malaysia boast of excellent restaurants to offer you gastronomical delights that you can never forget in your lifetime.

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