Remodeling Ideas for Your Bathroom


Bathrooms may be small rooms in your house, but have important roles they play. It is where you get a new look after a good shower or a quick shave. Giving your bathroom a new look not only makes it beautiful but also gives you some comfort when in it.

This article gives ideas on how to go about remodeling your bathroom.

1. Start With the Budget

After deducting the labour cost, knowing how much you have to spend will dictate what type of fixtures, tiles and extras you can have in the bathroom. It’s better to put off your renovation plans a few months and do a thorough job, rather than begin and have to end midway for lack of funds. If you need to change your shower heads or put up freestanding bathtubs, do your research well and compare prices from different sellers.

2. Work Sequentially

Like all construction projects, there is a correct sequence to follow for your renovation plan. Renovations/changes should be carried out from top to bottom to ensure that newly renovated areas are not ruined in subsequent steps of the project. Whether you’re just repainting or demolishing sheetrock, begin with the ceiling working down the walls to the floor.

3. Problems Below the Surface

If your budget allows it, consider “full gut” which must be carried out by a qualified plumbing contractor. Oftentimes, the problem areas in a bathroom are hidden under the surface i.e. with the plumbing, which can render aesthetic remodelling useless in just months. Start with your plumbing pipes and also look out for problems with floor framing and shower tile installations. Taking care of the inside will ensure you have a beautiful and properly functioning bathroom for years to come.

4. Measure Everything

During the renovation planning, take into account the entire bathroom’s size, including location of electrical wires and plumbing pipes. These measurements will be important to ensure that you buy fixtures that fit properly into your space. Have a contractor carry out all the important measuring work to ensure no mistakes are made.

5. Storage and Shelving Ideas

Planning for storage and shelving can be tricky, particularly in smaller or irregularly shaped bathrooms. Leverage the space above your toilet and washbasin if you have limited space to use for shelving/storage. Ensure that everything is easily reachable, and that your shelves are protected from water and steam damage if you have a joined toilet and bathroom. Frameless shower screens are a unique, stylish and space-efficient way to do this.

It does not matter the size of the bathroom to renovate. A smaller bathroom will not take a shorter time than a bigger bathroom, any more than boiling six potatoes takes half the time as boiling twelve.

The length of time taken to renovate your bathroom depends on how many things are being changed. However, you can shorten the duration by drawing up a renovation plan with your contractor and ensuring that all materials and fixtures are available by the time they are needed. This is especially important for homes that have a single bathroom to use.