Saving Money on Hotel Rooms for Your Las Vegas Vacation


One of the most expensive parts of going to Las Vegas is the cost of hotel rooms, but there are many ways to save money. This savings can mean more money for other forms of entertainment in Las Vegas, and there are many forms of entertainment to spend money on in this city. The following are three ways to keep the cost of your hotel room down.

Stay at a hotel off of the Strip

The Las Vegas Strip, more properly called Las Vegas Blvd., is home to the biggest and most expensive hotels in the city. However, there are numerous hotels that are located elsewhere in the city. Some of these hotels are only a mile or so away from the Strip, while others are farther away. The prices are much lower for rooms because people simply want to be in the heart of the city when they are vacationing. Casinos that are off the Strip know this and often will have a shuttle service to the strip that will both take their customers to the strip and pick them up at regular intervals. You can inquire about transportation ahead of booking a room. You may find that this is an excellent way to save money on your hotel room.

Book a room during off times

In Las Vegas, rooms will be cheaper from Sunday through Thursday night. This is the time that fewer people come to Las Vegas. You should avoid going on holidays to save money as well. There are also lower cost rooms available in the winter time than in the spring and summer, so it pays to plan a vacation during the winter months when fewer people are traveling to Las Vegas.

Use a comparison shopping website

This type of website allows you to compare prices from a wide range of businesses; in this case, you are looking at hotel rooms. You can search by location and the time you plan to stay at a hotel. After you have an idea of what price you are looking to pay, you can then look for the best price available. This type of site saves a lot of time, and will also point you to hotels that you may not have been aware of. There are many of these comparison websites on the Internet. One example of this type of website, that includes hotel rooms, is Hipmunk.