Set Schedule Reviews 2020 Housing Trends


There’s no doubt that 2020 changed everyone’s relationship with our homes. Suddenly, our apartments and houses went from being the place where we rested to the place where we did everything: work, school, cooking, eating, socializing, working out, seeing the doctor, and more! Naturally, this has changed our priorities in what we need and want in a home. In this article, real estate technology company Set Schedule reviews how 2020 changed the way we think about our homes.


Trading Apartments for Houses

Previously, many singles, childless couples, and young families might opt for an apartment in a trendy part of town, choosing to trade square footage for convenient access to restaurants, shopping, culture, and nightlife. However, as lockdown forced everyone to stay home ‘round the clock, the need for space became urgent for some.

2020 has seen rents plummet in some previously booming areas, while housing prices went up. This clear illustration of supply and demand took place as people traded their apartments for houses, buying when possible, renting if they must.

Increased Interest in Suburban Life

Set Schedule reviews of the 2020 housing market showed some suburban neighborhoods experiencing a housing shortage as people left the cities in search of wide open spaces. As public transportation became less tenable and cars became more attractive, so did suburban spaces designed for a car-based life. Many were also drawn to homes with large yards that could give children and pets a safe place to play in the fresh air.

Work-from-Home Changes Everything

Although some companies have stated a desire to return to an office-based existence at the end of the pandemic, others have shown increased interest in offering permanent work-from-home opportunities.

This has led to an increase need for one or more home offices. Suddenly, that small kitchen nook where you answered a few emails on the weekend no longer seemed sufficient. A room with a door has become necessary to ensure privacy on confidential client calls, as well as having enough space for an ergonomically designed work space that can accommodate eight-hour shifts.

Another change brought on by permanent work-from-home is that people have reconsidered where they want to live. Freed from the need to take commute into account, people have relocated not just to the suburbs, but even across the state or country, in search of more affordable housing or closeness to family.

Good WiFi a Must

Another consideration from homebuyers turned up in Set Schedule reviews of the market is the quality of high-speed internet available in the neighborhood. While internet has become increasingly important over the years as more people turned to streaming video content and online games for entertainment, it’s become even more important than ever. In the past, an unreliable internet connection might mean getting your Netflix binge interrupted or suffering lag in Counterstrike. Now, it might mean missing an important meeting or your child not being able to attend class.

Set Schedule Reviews the Market For You

Set Schedule doesn’t just look at real estate trends. Using a complex machine learning algorithm, Set Schedule reviews local market data and housing statistics to generate leads based on which houses are most likely to go on the market, and what their potential value is. With so many people looking for new homes in 2020 and beyond, it’s important to have enough leads to help buyers find what they’re looking for.