What are the ways that definitely don’t work for Instagram promotion right now?


In this article we’re going to briefly tell you which ways of online development aren’t working for Instagram anymore: somehow lots of people still mistaken old ways of development for worthy ones and waste their energy and time over basically nothing. Moreover, we’d also like to point out that a chance to buy Instagram followers is not on the list of these impractical methods: but there is a little twist to it that we’re going to tell you about later. So, let’s start: which promo methods should become forgotten and why? 

  • First of all, you should forget about mass following and mass liking. If you’re a beginner this method might seem like the one that is going to work but it’s not, trust our words: right now people are too worried about themselves to pay any attention to others. Earlier in time Instagram was a way less nervous environment where everyone could take some time to explore other people’s profiles and follow the ones they loved. Right now everything is just about the audience, the promotion and the gigantic competition that goes between all the bloggers. There’s no need to tell this several times in a row but we want to accentuate — don’t mass follow and mass like people if you don’t want to waste your time over nothing. 
  • What’s next? Buying fake followers. But aren’t all paid followers fake in general? No, they aren’t: there is a pretty big difference between real ones and fake ones actually. If you’re interested in purchasing followers, you have to pay attention to what you’re buying: all of the subscribers that you put your hands on have to be real people with filled in bios and photos and videos that they have created and got some likes underneath. If you’re seeing a page that kind of has some publications but actually is not active — run for the hills, you have almost bought yourself bot followers. These aren’t good for anyone: Instagram can actually ban your page for using these followers. In any case, these will get deleted and you will eventually lose whatever you have bought. That’s, once again, money wasted over nothing. 
  • Last but not least — don’t try to cooperate with bloggers while your profile is too small. You have to gain some social proof before that, you have to prove other people that your content is worthy, interesting and engaging enough. When you’re nobody, there’s a zero chance that someone would want a decent collab with you. Try to grow slowly but surely, take on decent promo services and you will see efficiency and high positive impact on your online statistics. 

Okay, but where do you buy these real followers? Cheap and quick, if it is possible? 

As obvious as it is, you really have to orient on the size of the website, on the reviews that it has posted on its pages and on the pool of regular clients if you can see it. Usually, decent promo companies have social media pages and blogs that you can visit to learn about what they’re doing right now: moreover, some of them even have active and valid chats on the website’s platform where you can talk to their managers and draw your own conclusions about whether you should cooperate with them or move forward. Well, actually, right now you’re reading a text that was created by such a company: we’re Soclikes and we’re glad that now you know everything you need to know to start off on Instagram with a decent leg-up in a form of real followers. We sell packs of them on our website, want to see? 

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