What Steps Should I Follow to Sell My House in Proper Legal Manner?


Are you planning to sell the house you own? You can certainly sell it to anyone you find suitable as the buyer. But always remember, that your house is an asset and to sell it, you must follow some rules and steps to close the deal in a legally perfect way. You may ask ‘what steps should I follow to sell my house’. Let us discuss the steps in a concise manner.  

Make the House Ready to be Sold

As an owner, it is your responsibility to make the house prepared to be staged as a sellable asset. This is why; if the property needs any renovation or cosmetic makeover, then do the needful. Keep it clean and tidy. A property that is clean and presentable gets higher chances to be sold in a higher price. Your home can be sold through auction system or treaty depending on its kind and condition.

Contact an Informed Property Lawyer

There are so many legal aspects of selling a house. That is why it is always good to get in touch with a knowledgeable legal consultant who can take care of all the legal aspects accurately. A good property lawyer not only resolves house related issues, but he also makes the legal paper works and documentation done that are highly required for a property sell.  

Set a Practical Selling Price

You may think ‘do I need to contact an agent to set the price and to sell my house’. Yes, you can contact an agent, but without contacting him also, you can set the price of your home. Your lawyer can help you in this regard by evaluating the whole of the property, and by comparing it to the current market price. There are also online sites available visiting which; you can evaluate the price of your home on your own.  

Proper and Verified Documentation is Essential

Once your lawyer comes into the process, hand him over all the relevant documents related to your property. He can give those documents an expert check and take steps forward for the further paper works. In case of a treaty, the legal contract will carry your name and the name of the buyer along with the price of the asset. If it is an auction then the name of the buyer and the price of the property will be left blank until the deal gets closed.

Get the Planning Checked

The plans of your property must be checked by your legal consultant and it must be certified by an authorised architect. This step will give your house a strong lift to reach to the potential buyers. And you will be eventually able to avoid any altercation with the future owner of your home.

If you have been thinking ‘I want to sell my house as soon as possible’, then also you are suggested to take at least two months of time to get all the proper works done to close the whole of the deal maintaining a perfect and lawful method.