Getting acquainted with shrink wrapping technology


In today’s packaging industry, shrink wrapping technology has already acquired a prominent position. To begin with, shrink wraps are those machines that are used in order to heat shrink packing that includes under it a sealer and a heat source.

Shrink wrapping technology details

In the present scenario, the shrink wrapping technology details has gone a sea change into an extremely developed device that has a great significance and in manufacturing companies as well as varied businesses. But even after showcasing so many assets, people still seem to be messed regarding the functioning or working of this device.  

  • Firstly, shrink wrapping is helpful in wrapping quite a variety of products such as calendars, books, greeting cards and gift packs.
  • Polyolefin is one of the most widely used materials in shrink wrapping, its qualities such as strengths, transparencies, and thickness make it such versatile and favorable.
  • If you are looking for a shrink wrapping machine that will provide you not only with increased production but also consistent shrink for all the products, then go for Shrink Tunnels. They are used inretail packaging times such as food materials.
  • The shrink tunnels used in wrapping come with us without a complimentary conveyer system. While some integral with the machine, other can be moved by hand or with castors.
  • This shrink tunnel that has an integrated conveyer further coins in two types; they are-
  • Belt conveyer
  • Roller conveyer
  • Some highly equipped shrink tunnels even come with two or more zones serving the purpose of heating as well as controlled cooling.
  • Polythene, PVC, PP, and POF are also used for shrink wrapping. Moreover the transparent cover maid each and every process from cutting to shrinking conveniently visible.
  • L-sealers are a kind of shrink wrapping machine which is really budget friendly and affordable. It is capable of wrapping nearly 750 or more products everyday. This, hence, is one of the choiceoptions for boosting your business.
  • On the other hand, in case you are looking for amore technologically advanced wrapping machine, you might go for Side Sealers which are fully automatic in nature. It not only does a great bulk of packing in acomparatively shorter period of time but also provides you with high performance. It can be used in packaging products such as software boxes, books, CDs, DVDs, chocolate boxes, andmagazines.

Advice while buying a shrink wrapping machine

  • Go for a machine that had small holes so that while operating the machine it will be ensured that the huge flow amount of air inside, hence, keeping the machine protected and safe.
  • Double check on removing the leftoverair from inside after the packaging.
  • One must not be distracted and concentrate properly so that he/she is able to control the product shape while it will pass through the heat tunnel.

Now that you are more or less aware with the technology of shrink wrapping, it is still vital to be conscious and doing an extra research on the machines all over the market with keepingthese points in your mind while buying one from so many varieties.