The 7 Best Christmas Gifts for a New Mom 


The holidays are officially in full swing. Every store we walk into has holiday decorations for sale, and some even have Christmas music playing throughout the store. While you may wait another month to put your decorations up, it’s not too early to start getting some of your holiday shopping out of the way. If you’ve got a new mom on your “nice” list this season but aren’t sure what to get her, keep reading for the best gifts every new mother will love and use.

Spa Experiences 

While a new mom may feel guilt for taking time away from her baby, remind her it’s necessary and give her the gift of some “me” time. Give her a gift to a local spa to indulge in a massage, facial and other treatments. Include in the attached card that part of your gift is watching the baby while she resets, unwinds, and comes back home pampered and refreshed. 

Subscription Services 

Being a parent is hard for everyone, but it’s especially challenging in those first few months with your new baby. It’s easy to forget little things you and the household need, so why not take some shopping and list-making off her hands with a subscription service or two? From necessary subscriptions like diaper delivery or food to more luxurious subscriptions like high-end chocolates and wine, there’s a service for every type of mother. 

A Cozy Basket

The colder holiday months are the perfect time to put together a cozy basket for a new mom. New moms are often up throughout the night for feedings, so a basket full of plush goodies will be the perfect way to keep her warm. Fill it with a cozy robe for her, baby blankets for her little one, slippers, a cute mug, and some hot chocolate mix. She’ll be ready for warm snuggles with her new baby. 

Photo Printer 

No one takes more photos on their iPhone than a new parent. But new parents also don’t have time to run to a store to print them off than they did before their bundle of joy arrived. There are online services where you can order prints, but who wants to wait? The gift of a photo printer will ensure mom can print out her favorite photographs whenever she wants and makes it easier than ever for her to share them with friends and loved ones. It’s truly a gift that keeps giving!

Smart Mugs 

A temperature-controlled smart mug is a game-changer for anyone but for a new mom, it can be a lifesaver. When you’ve got a new baby, it’s hard to get a moment alone for the first few months, which means sipping a cup of hot coffee can be impossible. Ensure her cup of joe is always her preferred temperature by giving her a mug that guarantees it. These mugs not only control her coffee (or tea) temperature, but they’re sleek and stylish, which means she feels pulled together even when she’s not. 

A Cleaning Service 

The most important thing for a new mom is looking after her baby, keeping them safe, and enjoying this precious, fleeting time. The last thing on her mind is keeping her house clean and organized, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t wish it was! You could offer to clean her home for her, but do one better and buy her a few sessions from a local cleaning service. A clean and organized home is great for boosting your mood too, and with over half of new moms reporting burnout, fatigue, and mental health struggles, the gift of a cleaning service is priceless.

One Line a Day Book 

Plenty of well-meaning grandparents and aunts give the gift of a baby or memory book, but new moms don’t have the capacity or energy to keep up with them. Memory books are something a mom can return to eventually, but a “One Line a Day” book takes just seconds to jot down daily. They’ll be grateful for these short sentences and memories one day, and the entries are short enough not to feel overwhelming. 

Shopping for a new mom is easy if you keep the goal of making life easier for her in mind. By utilizing the above guide, you’re sure to give her a winner and something that she’ll cherish in the present and years down the road.