The Best NYC Outdoor Group Retreats


Settling down in NYC is one of the best feelings ever. Not only it is the financial center for the entirety of the USA, but it’s also a cultural hotspot, that brings together every culture you’ve heard of. However, living in a fast running metropolitan city can become quite tiring.

Well, not to worry, not only does NYC feature amazing outdoor spots within the city boundaries, but it also has a great potential for turning out vacation spots right under your nose. Whether you’re planning to go out for a family reunion or for a bonding session with your colleagues, NYC has the solution for you. Fair warning though, planning a trip near NYC can a bit stressful, to help you through, here are some things you should take care of if you want to plan a group retreat.

  • Book transportation

We won’t be mincing words here. A large fleet of cars in NYC is only practical if we’re the President. Now, there are two options for you. A private New York charter bus rental, or two or three cars for the sake of traveling,. Either way, you’ve to decide whether you want a professional driver or do you want to drive the vehicles yourselves. Remember that NYC can get pretty busy, and you’ll have your hands full of entertaining the guests too.

The best plan is to check out the type of bus you want and get a quote for the services, and then go ahead with planning the rest of the retreat.

  • Check out the destinations

NYC is filled with outdoor retreat destinations. However, navigating the multitude of attractions might be a bit difficult for people, so, here’s a list of places, you simply can’t afford to miss.

  1. Governors Island – If you’re looking for an adventure close to home, Governor’s Island is where you should be. It has zip lines, mazes, and even a rock climbing challenge. This is one of the best places to test out your teamwork since these activities require a lot of trust between the people participating.
  2. Hudson River – Book ahead and you might get some experience with boating in the Hudson River for free. The boathouses in and around NYC often offer free kayaking lessons and free boats for you to enjoy the river climate. This is also a great team building exercise, so, you can give it a try with your colleagues.
  3. Coney Island – The childhood playground can easily transform into an adulthood enjoyment. While, your kids are off to the roller coasters, hunker down and enjoy the burlesque show that is put up regularly. Give the different carnival foods a try, and enjoy the atmosphere which is always jovial.
  4. Walking tour – NYC is filled with neighborhoods that hold the history of the conflicted space. Whether you’re visiting the various museums or seeing the violence-riddled Harlem area, there’s a huge history to be unearthed here. So, give it a shot and find out more about the history of the place.
  5. Botanical Gardens – NYC’s botanical gardens offer a great excuse for a whole day exploration trip. Check out the eclectic collection of trees at some of the best collections in the world. This is the perfect place to catch up with family as well, a leisurely walk can do wonders for your conversations.
  6. Flea market – No one loves a good deal more than New Yorkers. Since, the city can get ridiculously expensive, finding out rare gems at flea markets is a group activity that can help in team building and also make for great conversations. You check out some of the best locations from lists.

NYC is a hub of culture, so, you must top any outdoor experiment with some new restaurant and enjoy hunkering down over a piece of steak and enjoying a delectable conversation. Keep in mind to book from an earlier date, and enjoy your time outdoors.