The Best Ways To Save Big When Buying Airplane Tickets


In so many cases people do not travel because of the fact that they do not have money to pay for the airplane ticket. While it is true that many of the tickets are expensive, this does not mean that you cannot find some incredible deals if you know what to do.

Nowadays, airlines are allowed to change prices several times per day. The idea is always to set prices that are low enough in order to fill seats while still being high enough to gain as much profit as possible. This simple thing helps you to save money as you can actually take advantage of the price fluctuations. How can you save big when you buy airplane tickets? Here are some suggestions you will surely love.


Know Where You Buy From

One of the best ways to save big is to buy from the site that offers the best price. There are numerous options available right now. Some sites, like Lux Flight, are specialized on cheap first class flights and business class flights. Others are specialized in finding other deals.

Basically, you need to make a list of the sites from which you can buy airplane tickets. Then, when you want to buy, you need to take a look at the deals that are available.

Know The Best Times To Fly

If you want to find really cheap airfare, flexibility helps a lot. This includes time of year, week day and even time of day. All of these have an impact on costs. If you can fly at the appropriate time, hundreds of dollars can be saved.

The most important thing to know is that most travel destinations have high seasons. This is when airfare is really expensive. You want to visit during low season as this offers cheaper airfare and you will not have to deal with as many tourists as during high seasons. It is also worth considering the shoulder season, which is right between the two seasons mentioned. Weather is still really good and airline tickets are lower.


Know When You Should Buy

As already mentioned, ticket prices change every day and even vary from one hour to the next. Fortunately, some trends do exist. Timing is quite important since the highest prices are normally around the period between 10 weeks and 3 weeks before departure date. 4 to 6 weeks before traveling you can look for really good prices. Try to avoid shopping during weekends since airlines often announce their sales during a week’s middle.

Use Alerts

Last but not least, using online alerts can help you be informed about the best possible deals available, as soon as they appear. These alerts promote discounted fares. Many carriers give you direct access to alerts. They can be customized based on favored airport. Alerts will be delivered through email but you may also want to set up alerts for social media since numerous airlines now offer discounted tickets on Twitter and Facebook. However, these are usually last-minute deals.