The law of attraction and its power


The majority of the people are not aware of the power they posses. Whenever something spectacular and unbelievable happens we consider it as a matter of luck or a pure coincidence. This only proofs how limited our belief system is. We tend to think that if something extraordinary happens to us is because of some outer source. We can’t get the idea that we are the creators of our own realities.

The world’s known neuropsychiatrist Richard Davison from Wisconsin University made a research with 8 monks. Their brains were observed while they would focus on one particular feeling like happiness, joy and thankfulness. The results have overcame all the expectations of the scientists.


The activity of the left brain hemisphere which serves in creating positive feelings like happiness have overcame the activity of the right hemisphere. The right one is responsible for negative feelings though. That was something new for the scientists.

This experiment leads to such an important conclusion: There is a huge chance to change the shape of your brain just easily as you can change the shape of your body. All you need is a great will and determination. The law of attraction is based exactly on this belief. In order to turn the things in our favor we firstly have to understand what’s the connection between our body and brain.

Make a real connection

We constantly make new connections in our mind through the information we have, the philosophy and the knowledge. Whenever we learn something new, we make a new neuron connection. Our memory keeps the connection with every day repetition because the neurons manage to wake it up when needed.


Well, the law of attraction functions on the same way. If we spend enough time focusing on something we want, we will end up see its manifestation. The meditation is the primary way of staying focused. With a daily repetition of what we want to experience the brain will store this idea. This memory later will turn into a reality only and only if we don’t interrupt the whole process with doubts.


Redirect your thoughts

It is proven that each time you think a thought, you provoke a chemical reaction in your body. This is because the emotions are a consequence of each experience, real or unreal. When we don’t experience a new taught, we keep on feeling the same way as before.


On the other hand, the more you keep a taught in your head, the greater the chances of its manifestation in the reality. This is regardless of the fact whether it is a positive or a negative thought. So whenever you catch yourself over analyzing one and the same negative thing over and over again, stop it immediately. It’s your job to replace it with a positive one and bring a new feeling to your body. But, just like with the addictions, firstly your body will reject the idea of it. That’s why it seems difficult at the beginning, however, with patience and a great will everything is achievable.