Conspiracy theories that turned out to be true


You have surely heard about at least one conspiracy theory in your life. For example do you ever think that someone reads the messages you send to your friends? If you do, than you already know about that very conspiracy theory. The people believe in everything if there is a slight chance for it to be true. Read bellow the following cases where the conspiracy theories turned out to be true eventually.

The tobacco companies do not reveal how harmful the cigarettes are

Throughout the years the tobacco companies were investing an incredible amount of money on researches that will proof that the smoking is not that harmful. They even tried to convince the people in the opposite. However, when the giant in that sector, Philip Morris has revealed the harmfulness of the cigarettes, they all had to agree with it. Nowadays it is well known that the smoking can cause tumors, cancer and other health problems.


Nicole Scherzinger was the only singer in Pussycat Dolls

She was known as the leader of the group. After a few years this fact led to a suspicious that she’s the only one to sing in the group. The other girls were believed to be there just for a show. However, in 2012 this conspiracy theory turned out to be true. In fact Nicole sings about 95% of everything The Pussycat Dolls have presented so far.


There’s someone else out there who sings for Brithey Spears

In 2007 the world woke up with the news that Britney got divorced and ended up in a psychiatric institution. That very year she managed to publish her brand new album called “Blackout”. Her fans all around the world were wondering how is that possible, which was the reason to have doubts about the originality of her songs. Not that long after the publication of the album the truth has been spoken. Moreover it was the accompanying vocal’s father who revealed that her daughter, Mia Mary, was the one who have sang almost all Britney’s songs.


John Lennon was under supervision of FBI

The creative people have the power to influence plenty of their followers and their beliefs. That’s a fair reason for that influencers to be supervised by FBI. That happened to Ernest Hemingway, even though the vast majority of the people only believed he is being paranoid. This truth was revealed only after his death. It is well known that FBI was interested for the work of Beatles for a long period of time. In 2000 the historic John Winner managed to present and show the case of John Lennon. It seems like the USA government were interested in his work for a long time, but in vain. They didn’t manage not even a word with anti-American propaganda in his work.


There was an Soviet Union spy in the American Congress

During the Cold War between USA and the Soviet Union both sides were inventing stories about spies in each side. However, one of the stories was proven. Samuel Dickstain, a democrat from New York, started examining and looking for anti-American activities. He used to work secretly for the Soviet Union and revealed secret information about the military budget of USA. What’s interesting is that Samuel never got accused for this. He worked as a judge in New York until the end of his life.