Three rules that make every diet successful


We all know someone who is dealing with a overwaight or even we are the ones who are trying to lose waight. It is a well known phrase “I am starting my diet on monday” that we know it never works. Sad but true. Even though there is a great will to, finally, do that diet, go to that gym, feed your body with the good food it deserves, there always happens something that makes us lose the motivation and make us give up.

There exist some tricks that you may find useful if you are on the process of trying to convince yourself to, finally, take care of your body. There are actually some elements that every sucessfull diet includes and make it work out for you, which omitting, on the other hand, would mean that the effect of the diet will not be so great, even if you decide to do it. There are three principle rules that, if you are obedient and keep yourself to them, you will see results out of every diet you decide to follow, no matter for how long.

  1. Elimination of the sugar in your daily meals

You must find familiar the fact that the sugar, together with the flour and the salt, is one of the three deadly white ingredients that every person should consider eliminating from his meny as much as possible, if not completely. The researches show that a person that deals with a struggle of losing a lots of weight, not a kilo or two, loses about five to ten kilos only if he or she eliminates the suger from the daily menu. This is the main and one of the most important rules of every diet.


2. Consuming as much as 100 g of carbohydrates per day

There are a lots of delicious meals that contain carbohydrates, which actually are not unhealthy or bad for your body. The thing is, you should bare in mind that there is a daily limit for their consumption. If you are a person willing to eliminate the fat deposits of her body, make sure you count well your carbohydrates. Even though they are not your “enemies”, especially if you consume it in form of rise, oat flakes, potatos or something similar, do not forget the fact that its overuse may lead you to sedimentation of fat, which you probably already have if you are about to do a diet.

3. Avoid the consumption of seeds

The seeds by themselves are not a bad ingredient, not even in the bread. Moreover, they are healthy and good. The thing is that if you are trying to do a successfull diet, they slow down the road to the goal. An additional problem could be the gluten intolerance which leads to problems that only slow down the digestive system which you try to adjust in order to see your body in a good shape.

So the next time you are looking for a good Monday to start your diet, first make sure you have thrown everything you are not recommended to consume while dealing with overweight. On the other hand, remember that the discipline and the dedicaton is what brings the champions to the top!