Sonoma Valley a Great Place to Live


People who are looking for a place to relocate and start anew should have an extensive list of options to choose from. If you happen to be searching for a possible city to move in to, then better include Sonoma Valley on your short list. NorCal is home to amazing Sonoma Valley properties. If you are not that familiar with Sonoma Valley in California, here are some of the things the place has to offer.

  1.    Remarkable Economy – Thanks to the high level of entrepreneurship in Sonoma Valley, the city’s economy has been quite remarkable. Local businesses, which are either built by locals or those who visited and opted to stay in Sonoma Valley have been flourishing. Its unemployment rate stands at 4.20% as against the country’s overall unemployment average of 5.20%. in addition, new jobs in Sonoma County also increased by 2.24%.
  2.    Health Heaven – If you happen to be the health-conscious type, then you will likely fall in love with Sonoma County, particularly Santa Rosa. The city proper is full of gyms and health centers where you can burn some calories and stay fit. Moreover, there are also numerous parks where you can jog or hike. In addition, Santa Rosa is also perfect for bikers, as the place is the usual venue for the Levi’s GranFondo and the Amgen Tour of California.
  3.    Scenic Views – In Sonoma Valley, you will never run short of scenic views. You can enjoy the refreshing countryside while enjoying a sip of fine wine in any of its wineries. Moreover, it also features a world-class botanical garden that residents and visitors who love flowers can enjoy.
  4.    Activities Abound – If you love the arts or enjoy eating good food, you will certainly enjoy living in Sonoma Valley. The place is full of opportunities to enjoy and appreciate the arts, as well as a myriad of outdoor activities that have made Sonoma Valley an attractive place for guests. There are also art exhibits featuring paintings, murals, and sculptures drawn or crafted by locals for everyone to appreciate.
  5.    Music is in the Air – In Santa Rosa, the community is full of love and appreciation for music. There, you will see and hear different bands from genres ranging from rock to folk, among others.

Finding a new city where you can begin a new life can be fun, exciting, and challenging. But with ample research on possible options like Sonoma Valley, moving it will not be as hard as you initially thought it will be. If you are looking to move, make sure to contact a trusted Sonoma Valley real estate agent today.