Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floors at Home


Hardwood floors are meant to last for a long time. They are of high quality. They are expensive to install, but they are worth the price. The key to ensuring that they don’t easily get damaged is to clean them well. Here are some tips that you can follow to keep the floors clean.

Vacuum the floor every week

Vacuuming on a regular basis helps protect the floor’s finish. It also makes it look as good as new. You just have to adjust the parts of the vacuum so that it will be more suitable for a hardwood floor and not damage it.

Don’t use furniture polish and harsh chemicals

These chemicals could easily damage hardwood floors. The wood discolours and weakens. As soon as you spill a chemical on the floor, immediately get a damp cloth and clean it up. You may also use a non-ammonia window cleaner to restore its original colour and quality.

Water is wood’s enemy

You should not let water touch the floor and stay there for a long time. It can ruin the hardwood floor as it penetrates deep into the material. It also stains wood. Therefore, when you know that rain is coming, immediately close the windows. If you drink in your room, prepare the mop in case something spills. Potted plants should be taken out of the room. If you really want them, use trays underneath.

Use a huge doormat

Shoes have to be removed to keep dust and water off the floor. Sometimes though, it takes time for people to remove their footwear. Therefore, it helps if you can just have a huge doormat. It allows everyone to have enough time to remove their shoes. Traffic areas inside the room should also have area rugs. They can help protect the hardwood floor.

Furniture pads could help

If you move your furniture a lot, you need furniture pads to avoid scratches on the floor. Even if you don’t, you still need these pads. Placing your furniture’s legs on a hardwood floor over a long time could also affect its colour and quality. Moving your furniture around will be easier when you have pads and you can do it on your own.

Ask for help

To ensure the quality of the floor, you can ask for a New York hardwood floor cleaning service. This will make it easier for you to ensure the quality of the floor. If something has to be repaired, it can be easily done. Just choose the right company to work with. You can even ask them for similar services in the future if you are satisfied with the results.

Having hardwood floors at home is great. Just make sure they are well-maintained to make them last longer.